Zac Efron Girlfriend

So who is Zac Efron girlfriend in the 2013?

Not only that Zac Efron is an actor but also he is a singer. His professional actin career began in 2000. Since then he became popular among teenagers and has acted in many movies and shows making his name famous and known. He has stared as one of the leading roles in High School Musical where he met Vanessa Hudgens and they began dating since 2005 when they met each other on the set. Thus Vanessa was called as Zac Efron girlfriend but their relationship broke off in 2010.
The former Zac Efron girlfriend is also an actress and a singer. She became popular because of Highs School Musical also and in the movie she had the role of Zac Efron girlfriend, his characters girlfriend, so they must have decided to try their relationship outside the screen and got together. Zac Efron girlfriend has released a couple of albums that are popular in United States and the fact that she was going out with Zac helped her a lot in order to make her name even more known. When she started dating Zac the media made a big deal out of their relationship and they were even called as Zanessa because this is what is made when their names are combined.
Thus, while they were still dating Zac Efron girlfriend has posed for pictures with only her lingerie on and also nude. In 2007 these pictures appeared on the internet and then Zac Efron girlfriend publicist claimed that these photos were taken privately and that is was unfortunate that they were released on the internet. She has apologized herself about these pictures and she stated that she regrets ever taking them. Zac Efron girlfriend refused to comment on this scandal more. Thus this was not the only incident when Zac Efron girlfriend has made nude pictures of herself, because in 2009 another set of her pictures was released on the internet and she notes that now she has really learned her lesson. Now when people ask if she would act in a movie naked and when she replies that this is uncomfortable for her they do not believe it.
Even though the couple has ended their long lasting relationship it looks like there are rumors about them coming back together again? Apparently the former Zac Efron girlfriend was seen together with him at Eden Nightclub where they were spotted getting cozy to one another and this is the reason for rumors to be made about them. A source has stated that she was looking like Zac Efron girlfriend again and they were dancing together, while he was holding hands around her and they were inseparable after that. When Zac, who is 23 years old and Vanessa who is 22 were returning to their table, sources state that they looked like a real couple. Another source notes that they were not only dancing, but also making out all the evening and they saw it, because they were sitting next to the couples table, so maybe Vanessa is going to be Zac Efron girlfriend again after all.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Zac Efron girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

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