Usain Bolt Girlfriend

So who is Usain Bolt girlfriend in the 2013?

Usain is a famous athlete. He is a Jamaican sprinter and often people regard to him as the fastest person ever. Bolt likes to spend his free time dancing, because he states himself that he loves to dance. He also has other interest in his life and he likes to help other people and is involved in charitable work and often participates in different charity events and gives money for charity. Thus when it comes to personal life it is hard for Michael Bolt, because just recently Megan Edwards, who was known as Michael Bolt girlfriend left him. The main reason of their brake up is the distance. Even though they both are from Jamaica, the former Usain Bolt girlfriend lives there and Bolt lives in England.
Michael Bolt girlfriend has announced about their brake up and she has stated that the distance is too big for them to keep normal relationship. Megan has stated that Usain was devastated when she told him that their relationship is not working. Usain Bolt girlfriend has stated that when she flew back home she rang him and said that she is not going to work anymore and that the distance is just too big and it is the main problem in their relationship and that she cannot work with it anymore.
Michael Bolt girlfriend has met him the time when she was selected to work on the catwalk of his national team’s kit in London. Since the time that Usain saw her he could not stop looking at her and he knew that she was special. Usain has worked a lot in order to get her number and when he has achieved this the athlete got a plan how to make Megan Michael Bolt girlfriend. He decided that he is going to do everything that it takes in order to get her heart and he did. Usain took Megan to different places on dates and she liked this and eventually he managed to make her Usain Bolt girlfriend, but they kept this in quite because the Olympic game preparation was taking place.
Megan has stated herself that they kept their relationship in quite, because of his preparation for the games and when the news about her being Usain Bolt girlfriend broke they were already dating for some time. She stated that they saw each other in his house because it was hard for Usain to be seen in public.
Former Usain Bolt girlfriend states that the real Usain Bolt is different from the way that the media describes him, because when she got to know him she found out that he was sweet and it was great to talk to him. Former Usain Bolt girlfriend has noted that he is nothing like the person that people see on television when he wins his race. The couple has met his parents together, because he took her to meet them. Usain Bolt was serious about her and showing her as a potential Usain Bolt girlfriend. It is a bad thing that the distance got between them and they are no longer a couple.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Usain Bolt girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

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