Tony Stewart Girlfriend

So who is Tony Stewart girlfriend in the 2013?

Tony Stewart is a racer and Jessica Zemken is really important in his life, because she is Tony Stewart girlfriend. Even though their relationships are fresh for the media there is a lot to talk about Tony Stewart girlfriend and how they are evolving as a couple. Their romance lasts for a couple of months only and in their past there are no serious relationship that neither Tony nor Jessica has had.
Thus there is plenty of gossip about them going on and the most interesting one is that Tony Stewart girlfriend is getting in the way for him to make his career. His fans are not content about the fact that she is in his life, because his racing result got worse since they started dating. All around the world he drives not as good as he used to before she was Tony Stewart girlfriend.
Further, her fans are also angry that she is getting into something serious together with the driver, because according to them she is worth someone much better. According to many people he is not good enough because of his dating history, that is made of different flings and short dating of women, and because he is not interesting enough for her personality. Even though they find this annoying the couple decided to let people talk and ignore these rumors because they are doing great together. The have a lot in common like traveling. Tony Stewart girlfriend likes to travel just as much as he does and they spent a lot of time in seeing new places.
Due to their work they both have time to travel and see new places and when the couple likes a country they decide to stay for some time there in order to explore different events and festivals and they like to explore different buildings and exotic places. Thus Tony Stewart girlfriend likes adrenalin a lot. She stated that it is like her personal drug, that she cannot live without. She likes speed and junping with parachutes and trying everything that is extreme and that gives a high rush of adrenalin and this must be the reason why Tony is so interested in her. Further, he notes himself that being around Tony Stewart girlfriend people do not get sad, because she is so funny and she makes you laugh all the time. Tony seems so relaxed with her that this frightens people because it might be the reason why he does not win races anymore.
Tony Stewart girlfriend is also a racer and when people see the way that she participates in races they begin to understand that she has no limits that might stop her. Even though everyone tries to make them fall apart their emotions are stronger and he is even thinking about marrying Tone Stewart girlfriend. The last thing that Tony Stewart girlfriend has told paparazzi was something about some kind of a world tour and she did not mention any details, so they must be getting ready for something big.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Tony Stewart girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

tony stewart girlfriend

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