Tom Daley Girlfriend

So who is Tom Daley girlfriend in the 2013?

Tom Daley is a British diver and he does not deny or comment on the rumors about his sexuality and dating life and the fact that Kassidy Cook is called as Tom Daley girlfriend. Recently a lot of stars, especially males like to keep their sexuality as a secret for the media in order to have fans among females and males also and this appears to be working for them, so Tom wants to try this himself. During the time when he had participated in London 2012 Olympics there are talks spreading about this diver that might not be useful for him. The talks about Tom Daley girlfriend and the fact that there were no girls called like this have spread and they were indestructible. He has gotten tweets on his wall that he has disappointed his deceased father. Thus, Daley has become like a symbol desired by all, male and female teenagers in United Kingdom and beyond this country.
His mother is also with him at this ambivalence, because she has also talked to the media about Tom Daley girlfriend and that he has never had a proper one. This helped for him to attract even more attention that comes from the gay community and with the attention there comes a lot of income for him and his family. Thus, Daley keeps both sides going, because he has statements in different blogs that he should have Tom Daley girlfriend some day when he finds a perfect match. So he has attention from heterosexual and homosexual teenagers and he is like Britain’s Justin Bieber with so much attention. Thus he has stated that Tom Daley girlfriend does not exist, because he is not ready to commit yet.
After the Games there were rumors that Tom Daley girlfriend is Kassidy Cook, but the diver denies to confirm these rumors and he states that he is single in order to maintain the attention that he is getting. During the Olympic Games he has been communicating with the fellow athlete and they have exchanged twitter messages and even held hands when they got on the date in London and the media began to call her as Tom Daley girlfriend. So what is the reason that he does not want to reveal that she is Tom Daley girlfriend? The answer is simple: fame and attention. If he states that Kassidy is Tom Daley girlfriend not only that he is going to lose all the attention from homosexual fans, but he will also lose his female fans.
Tom has made interviews in order to state his relationship with Kassidy and he has made it clear for the media that they are only friends and he denies that there is something more going on between them. So Kassidy cannot be called as Tom Daley girlfriend because they are only in the friend zone, or at least he states this way. From the part of Kassidy there are no comments about her relationships with the diver.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Tom Daley girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

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