Tim Tebow Girlfriend

So who is Tim Tebow girlfriend in the 2013?

Tim Tebow is a football player and he is the part of New England Patriots. He has played the game since he was in the University of Florida. Not only that he is known as a professional athlete but he is also outspoken Christian and he does not mind talking about his faith. Further he is involved in a lot of charitable work. Tebow is a man of great cause, because he supports more than 40national evangelists that work in Philippines and he likes to share his Christian faith everywhere. Tim has attended prisons and schools and youth groups in order to spread his faith. The athlete takes care of people of Philippines; because he was born there so he wants that the next generation would have things that he did not have. His foundation announced that there will be a hospital built in Philippines that is needed there.
Tim Tebow girlfriend should be like the athlete himself and have the same believes that he has. In the recent media announcement an Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones was linked to Tim and she was called as Tim Tebow girlfriend, but she has revealed that things could not work out for them because he already is taken. Even though she would be perfect for Tim, because she has the same believes as he and she has stated that she is saving herself and her body for marriage, the athlete is not available. She has shared on her twitter account that Tim Tebow girlfriend exists and this is the reason why she could not be with him and this happened after Nick Mangold has stated that they would be perfect for each other.
Nick Mangold, being a good friend of Tim has stated that getting Tim and Jones together is going to be his goal. He thinks that she would be a perfect Tim Tebow girlfriend and he was planning to put all of the effort in order to bring them together. Further Nick has told the media that usually he spends time playing golf during his spare time but right now he was planning to be a matchmaker. Jones was quick to deny these rumors about her becoming Tim Tebow girlfriend because as she states Tim has someone in his life, he just does not want to discuss this in public.
However Jones would be a perfect lady for Tim, she has stated in one interview that keeping her virginity it the hardest thing to do in her life and it is even harder than training for the Olympics. Further she notes that being virgin makes it hard to find a boyfriend these days and this is a perfect quality for Tim Tebow girlfriend. She has made a lot of statements about her virginity and she notes that at the beginning when she tells men that she is still virgin they do not believe but at the time when they understand that she was not lying they ditch her. So it is a pity that Tim Tebow girlfriend exists and that he is taken, because she would be perfect for him.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Tim Tebow girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

tim tebow girlfriend

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