Tiger Woods girlfriend

So who is Tiger Woods girlfriend in the 2013?

Tiger Woods might be one of the best at his game, which is golf, but he is not so good when it comes to relationship. Tiger has had a wife in the past and Elin Nordegren was called as Tiger Woods girlfriend at some point of her life. They were married until the golfer made a big scandal and cheated on her. In 2010 Lindsey divorced him and everyone agrees that she had a reason to do this. And now that there is the new Tiger Woods girlfriend named Lindsey Vonn she appears to be angry on Tiger. A source states that his ex-wife is angry because Tiger has the right to visit their two children. The former Tiger woods girlfriend is a nanny and a former model; she knows how to take care of her children. The rumors have it that she is only jealous because she cannot express her personal life the way that Tiger does it. Elin, the former Tiger Woods girlfriend has been linked to Chris Cline, who is a coal magnate. This happened earlier this year and she might have been linked to him, because he is living near Elin’s beachside estate in North Palm Beach. Even though she tried to keep this relationship in quite they have been photographed and seen together.
Earlier there were notifications that Elin agrees about Tiger having Lindsey as Tiger Woods girlfriend and there were even statements that she thinks that Lindsey makes him a better man. Thus she has been together with Tiger for six years so she must know him. Now, a source notes that this is not true and that she is just supposed to say nice things about Tiger Woods and his new relationship. There is information that Elin cannot say anything that would disparage him in the press, because then she would lose a part of the money that she has gotten from their divorce and that is 100 million of dollars. Thus it looks like this might be true because when Lindsey became Tiger Woods girlfriend in the past there were statements that Elin was never on Team Vonn and that she hates everything about her and her romance with her former husband.
Thus Tiger Woods does not care about the opinion that his former wife has and he is calm about his relationships with Lindsey. Tiger Woods girlfriend is 28 years old and she is an Olympic skier. The couple met each other back in 2012 in March and ever since then they felt something for one another. Tiger Woods girlfriend has stated to one magazine that there was something between tem from the beginning that they met and it evolved into strong feelings that they have for each other now. Tiger Woods girlfriend is a successful skier and she is considered to be one of the most successful American skiers in history. Not only that Tiger has been married in the past Tiger Wood girlfriend was also married to another athlete Thomas Vonn. Thus her marriage was shorter than Tiger’s it lasted only three years. And now despite the opinion of their ex partners they are together and supporting one another.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Tiger Woods girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

tiger woods girlfriend

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