Shia LaBeouf Girlfriend

So who is Shia Labeouf girlfriend in the 2013?

Mia Goth is the new Shia LaBeouf girlfriend. The couple reportedly began dating after they met on the set of the movie Nymphomaniac. The actor Shia was single for only a month before he started dating her. He was into relationship with Karolyn Pho and she was known as Shia LaBeouf girlfriend for two years before they broke up. There are reports that the decision of Shia to film real sex scenes in the movie Nymphomaniac was not liked by his former girlfriend and maybe this was the reason for their brake up. Source has stated that she just did not like the idea that he is going to have sex with another girl. Further the former Shia LaBeouf girlfriend asked him to ask the director of the movie if it was possible instead of having real sex scenes make them appear real. Because of the situation that is in Shia’s life it looks like this was impossible.
Shia who is an actor was reported that he had to send pictures for the director of the movie with his goods in order to get the role. He has stated himself that this was a decision that he took because he wanted to have real roles that would be strong and not the ones that he used to have in Transformers. Thus looks like Shia likes to be involved with women that he meets on the set of the movies.
In 2004 China Brezer became known as Shia LaBeouf girlfriend and they were together up until 2007. He met the actress on the set of the movie The Greatest Game Ever Played. In addition their brake up happened because the actor had to put all of his energy into work and he had a lot of movies at that time and needed to put all of his time into them. Then there is Carey Mulligan in his girlfriend list. They began dating in 2009 and ended up in 2010. She was Shia LABeouf girlfriend after they met as co-stars in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. Thus there relationships were important in his life because he has stated that he still loves her and they remained friends after everything.
Even though Shia has not confirmed that he is with Mia Goth at the moment they are also co-stars and she is the one that he needs to have sex with for the movie. Besides being an actress Shia LaBeouf girlfriend is also a model and she is working for Storm. They were seen together not only on the set of the movie, but also in the streets of LA. Their age difference is seven years and she is younger than him. Thus this does not get in the way for them to become a couple. Shia LaBeouf girlfriend has light brown hair and brown eyes. The movie Nymphomaniac is already finished ant the couple has been filming for it in Germany and Belgium so they had the opportunity to explore these countries together.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Shia Labeouf girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

shia labeouf girlfriend

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