Shaquille O’Neal Girlfriend

So who is Shaquille O’Neal girlfriend in the 2013?

At the moment Shaquille O’Neal girlfriend is Nikki Alexander. After all the relationship that he has had in the past and that turned out bad for him it might be hard for her to reach his heart. Shaquille, whose nickname is Shaq, must be known for people all over the world, because he is a basketball player, thus, right now he is retired. During his career he has also tried himself as a rapper and now he is an analyst of television program Inside the NBA. Because of his weight he is known as one of the heaviest players that have ever played in the NBA.

Thus Shaq has had a hard childhood, because his father refused him and gave all of his rights to his stepfather, maybe for the best. His biological father struggled with a drug addiction and he was even imprisoned for drug possession while his son was still an infant. After his release Seton Hall, that is the name of Shaq’s father agreed to relinquish his parental visitation rights to Phillip A. Harrison his stepfather. The basketball player has never spoken to his biological father and even states that Phil is his father.

Even though his mother was a Baptist and his stepfather was muslin, Shaq himself states that he is a part of every religion and does not consider himself either way. In 2002 Shaunie Nelson was called as Shaquille O’Neal girlfriend and he even married her. This took place on the 26th of December, right after Christmas. When they were together Shaquille O’Neal girlfriend gave birth to four of his children named: Shareef, Amirah, Shaqir and Me’arah. Thus the former Shaquille O’Neal girlfriend also has one son from her previous marriage named Myles. Not to mention that Shaq also has a daughter from his previous relationship with the former Shaquille O’Neal girlfriend, but her name is not known for the media.

In 2007 Shaq decided to fill in for divorce from Shaunie and he did it in Miami-Dade Circuit court. Thus after some time the couple got together again and she was called as Shaquille O’Neal girlfriend once more. This time they stayed together for a couple of years since reuniting and in 2010 Shaquille O’Neal girlfriend was the one who filed for divorce and she stated that irresponsible differences is the main reason for them to break up.

His next one was Nikki “Hoopz” Alexander and they began dating in 2010. And she is the current Shaquille O’Neal girlfriend. They are living together in his home in Sudbury in Massachusetts. Shaquille O’Neal girlfriend is an American reality TV show contestant and she has won the first season of Flavor of Love and that was the place that Shaquille O’Neal girlfriend has gotten her nickname Hoopz. She has also tires herself out in acting and has acted as Kayla in Ghetto Stories: The Movie which was released in 2010 in November. Thus there is not so much information concerning their personal life, apparently the couple likes to keep it to themselves.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Shaquille O’Neal girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

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