Ryan Seacrest Girlfriend

So who is Ryan Seacrest girlfriend in the 2013?

Dominique Piek is the new Ryan Seacrest girlfriend. Rumors have it that the couple has been dating quietly for some time, but how long is not known. Even though he has been spotted with plenty of blond women last summer, but those days are over for Ryan. Ryan Seacrest girlfriend is 27 years old, while Ryan himself is 38 years old. The couple has been spotted having dinner couple of times a week in public and how many times they have met in private is not known.

Thus, she is not the first one potentially serious Ryan Seacrest girlfriend, because he has dated Julianne Hough for three years in his past and they were making it serious before their brake up. And Ryan Seacrest girlfriend has been into relationship with Chris Pine, an actor known for his role in Star Trek Into Darkness. She broke up with him in March, while the former Ryan Seacrest girlfriend broke up with him in April. A source has stated that Dominique and Ryan get along perfectly well.

Here are some facts about Ryan Seacrest. He is a radio personality and television host. His most famous hosting career was when he hosted American Idol. Further he has a show on radio called On Air with Ryan Seacrest. Thus he is also a producer and he has even won Emmy Award for producing the show Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. He also has won an award for American Idol. Since he was a child, his parents note that he was always having a little microphone and hosting his shows in the house instead of playing with toys.

When Ryan was fourteen he attended Dunwoody High School and he was known as its voice. He had a trainer in his career named Tom Sullivan, who taught him everything about hosting shows and how it should be done. When it came time to finish high school Ryan went to study in University of Georgia in 1992. Thus he did not leave his radio show abilities and continued to improve them working in a local Athens station. After some time spent in university Ryan decided to leave it and go to Hollywood in order to pursue his broadcasting career there. He was 19 years old when this happened and now he is highly popular and known.

When it comes to Ryan Seacrest girlfriend, Dominique, she is a fashion model. She came to New York six years ago in order to pursue her career here. She is a funny girl and people note that if she is laughing then everyone around her start to smile because of the tone of her laugh and because she does it sincerely and without hiding emotions. Ryan Seacrest girlfriend notes that the thing she likes most about NY is the food which is different and perfect. She is a simple girl and without her modeling career Ryan Seacrest girlfriend likes to paint and when she travels a lot because of her business there are places where she paints until Dominique loses confidence she stops and after some time starts again. So Ryan Seacrest girlfriend and Ryan are a newly made couple and how long they will last depends only on them.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Ryan Seacrest girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

ryan seacrest girlfriend

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