Ryan Lochte Girlfriend

So who is Ryan Lochte girlfriend in the 2013?

Just recently Ryan Lochte introduced his girlfriend to the media and she was Jamiee Hollier. Thus, Ryan Lochte girlfriend did not make it long with him and in the recent Olympic swimmer reality show the couple has parted their ways. Ryan Lochte girlfriend did not even bother to come and tell him about the end of their relationship and she made the news by phone. But it does make sense, because they are from different sides of the Atlantic and they were seeing each other only a couple times in a year. So after four years spent together Jamiee was not content about the way that their relationships are going and she stated that they have to end their romance for good.
The brake up happened one evening when on Ryan’s show they were talking through Skype and Ryan agreed that they need to take a step back and think their relationship over. Thus the same nigh Ryan Lochte girlfriend called him when he was out with his friends and told that she wants to end their relationship and that the distance was the main reason that they have to part. Even though Ryan stepped away from the cameras in order to take his personal call the look on his face made it clear what Ryan Lochte girlfriend was saying to him. When he returned to his friends he stated that Jamiee left him and that he needs to have a drink now.
The relationship between Ryan and Jamiee continued for four years and they kept it in secret at first. Ryan Lochte girlfriend met him in Las Vegas a couple of years ago and ever since then they were seeing each other. Jamiee is 23 years old and she was born in Solihul in West Midlands. Ryan Lochte girlfriend has been attending University of Leeds where she got her degree in Mathematics & Management. Jamiee has a nice job; she is a junior sales manager for Fossil watches. And this she earned by her hard work, because at the beginning when she started working for this company she was brand’s coordinator and now she works at the company’s headquarters in Milton Keynes.
Ryan Lochte girlfriend was not known for the media until she made her debut in Ryan’s show. Thus, she was always there to support him in every swimming competition that he had. Now Ryan is single and does not have any woman to support him after Ryan Lochte girlfriend dumped him. Thus Ryan should not worry, because he has plenty of fans. The swimmer has won eleven medals at the Olympic Games through his life and as a part of a team he holds the world record in 4×200-meter freestyle relay. The time when he was dating Jamiee the athlete was also linked to Australian swimmer Blair Evans, but his mother stated to the media that her son was too busy with swimming and did not have time for dating. Thus the truth is that he had girlfriend at that time and Jamiee was Ryan Lochte girlfriend.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Ryan Lochte girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

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