Ryan Gosling Girlfriend

So who is Ryan Gosling girlfriend in the 2013?

Ryan is a Canadian actor, who is mostly known from the movie The Notebook. During his career Gosling has won four Golden Globe nominations. Besides his multiple abilities that include acting, singing and directing he also owns a restaurant called Tagine and it is Moroccan. Tagine is located in Beverly Hills in California. Ryan notes that buying this restaurant was an impulsive thing to do and that he spent all of his money on it. Thus, like many the stars, he has been arrested by LAPD in 2005 because he was driving with alcohol or other drugs in his blood. He received 849 of dollars as a fine and was sentenced to two years of probation.
Ryan has had relationship with famous women in the past like Sandra Bullock. She was called Ryan Gosling girlfriend since 2002 until 2003. Then the actor has dated also a Canadian actress Rachel McAdams since 2005 until 2007. After their brake up they got together again in 2008 and she was again called as Ryan Gosling girlfriend, but this time this lasted very briefly. The current Ryan Gosling girlfriend is Eva Mendez and he has been dating her since September in 2011.
Eva is an American actress and a model, also a singer and fashion designer. Ryan Gosling girlfriend has acted in such movies as Fast and Furious 2, Last Night and The Place Beyond the Pines. Thus at the beginning her acting career was not successful eventually she made it. When it comes to her music career she has made a record with Cee Lo Green and the song is called Pimps Don’t Cry and it is a duet by them. In 2011 she recorded her own version of The Windmills of Your Mind. Maybe the fact that she has made everything possible in her life makes her think the way that she does. Ryan Gosling girlfriend notes that she does not want to have children and she thinks that marriage is an archaic thing these days and that it does not suit her way of life. Mendez has also had trouble in her past and she has spent several weeks in Cirque Lodge addiction facility, but she does not reveal the reasons why she was there. The actress notes that this could cause a lot of pain for her mother. Ryan Gosling girlfriend attends therapy sessions now and she states that it made her life quality better.
The couple met each other when they both were filming in The Place Beyond the Pines and Ryan is serious about Mendez and is planning to propose for her, but with her believes he would not rather do it. Thus maybe Ryan Gosling girlfriend has changed her mind, because a source notes that she wanted to be engaged before her 40 birthday and Ryan was looking for rings before she has said this. Ryan Gosling girlfriend has even started to consider having children with him. She has met his family and gets along with them perfectly, especially with his mother. Ryan is so important in Eva’s life that he has changed her mind about everything that she did not want. Now she wants it.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Ryan Gosling girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

ryan gosling girlfriend

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