Rob Kardashian Girlfriend

So who is Rob Kardashian girlfriend in the 2013?

Rob Kardashian is known for the public, because of his famous family and the reality show that they have about themselves called Keeping up with Kardashians. His family keeps close relationships with one another and they all support each other. He might need all the support that they can give him after the recent statement of the former Rob Kardashian girlfriend. She has left a big impression in his life and he might not get over her any time soon. The former Rob Kardashian girlfriend is Adrienne Bailon. Thus their relationship ended in 2009 Rob still has feelings for Adrienne and he likes to share them in public. He has put a picture of him together with the former Rob Kardashian girlfriend on his Instagram account where he was holding his arm around her and they were walking down the street. So why did he do it? Rob felt nostalgic, after all, she was the only one that he had serious relationship with and that lasted for so long.
Rob Kardashian girlfriend and Rob were into one another so deep that they have even made matching tattoos and he has also posted a picture of the tattooist’s studio where they made them. They decided to get each other’s name on their body to prove their love for one another. Thus, the former rob Kardashian girlfriend stated that she really regrets in making this and if she had the change she would have never done it. She has broken Rob’s heart stating this because he fells hurt. And not only had that she done this to hurt him she has also revealed in one recent interview that their brake up was fixed by her. The couple ended their relationship in infamous way. In the reality show Keeping up with the Kardashians rob received a letter that was thought to be from the new boyfriend of Adrianne. It took place in 2010 and the letter was basically telling him to leave Rob Kardashian girlfriend alone because she is no longer his.
Former Rob Kardashian girlfriend now admits that he was reading a letter that she wrote pretending to be her boyfriend. Finally she has decided to reveal that she did not have anyone else in her life at the moment and that she just wanted him to leave her alone. Adrienne states that it was a decision made by her and her friend when they were spending time together in her house and she wanted to get rid of Rob. Adrianne’s plan worked and he believed that the letter came from a man and that Rob Kardashian girlfriend cheated on him.
But there is something more behind their love story. Rob was the one who cheated on Rob Kardashian girlfriend at first and he was responsible that she did not want to have him back. Even though he has trier multiple times to win her back it did not work for him, because Rob Kardashian girlfriend could not trust him anymore and does not want to have anything in common with that man.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Rob Kardashian girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

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