Rob Dyrdek Girlfriend

So who is Rob Dyrdek girlfriend in the 2013?

Erika Schafer is known as Rob Dyrdek girlfriend and there are a lot of rumors about them being together, but when it comes to their relationship or personal lives the couple does not talk about it with the media. To begin with Rob is a professional skateboarder, actor and entrepreneur. Besides this he also takes up producing and has his own reality show. This should make it easier for him to talk about his personal life because one way or another he is known and the media wants to know everything connected to him including facts about Rob Dyrdek girlfriend.
Thus, Rob rather talks about his career and the way that he made it. As a child he was interested into skateboarding and began to skate at the age eleven. He received his first skateboard from the famous professional skateboarder Neil Blender. He states himself that skateboarding was like an obsession for him, because he used to sit in school and think about all the tricks that he is going to make as soon as the classes end. Rob used to skate until he was made to come inside because it was too late to be outside.
Looks like his hard work paid off and Rob Dyrdek girlfriend can be proud of him. At the age twelve he received sponsorship from the same company that Blender started his career with. But after a couple of years in the same company Dyrdek and Blender decided to join forces in order to create Alien Workshop, the company that now sponsorships him and that he owns. When he was sixteen years old Rob decided to travel to Southern California and to continue his professional skateboarding career there. So he quit high school because of his career.
Without his skateboarding career Rob has been on the television also, he has participated in various television shows and even acted in a couple of movies. He has had two shows that he hosted and was like reality shows, thus Rob Dyrdek girlfriend was never on them. Further he is a family man and when it comes to his siblings Rob can manage to do everything for them. He has one sister that he is close to so in order to make her happy Rob became an ordained minister so that he could be performing his sister’s wedding that took place in 2011 in December. The ceremony was showed in one episode of his reality show Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory.
Even though Rob Dyrdek girlfriend and Rob try to keep a low profile about their relationship here are some facts about her. Rob Dyrdek girlfriend is an actress. Her father is German American and her mother is Cuban American so she has mixed blood. She has attended college, but quit, because she wanted to make her acting career. Rob Dyrdek girlfriend has acted in CSI: Miami in one episode in season 6. She also had other minor roles but her big break did not happen. Rob Dyrdek girlfriend does not talk about her relationship with him because she does not want to create any rumors.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Rob Dyrdek girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

rob dyrdek girlfriend

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