Raven Symone Girlfriend

So who is Raven Symone girlfriend in the 2013?

Raven Symone decided to come out in her Twitter account and that was the place that she stated that she is lesbian. All of her fans gave her the support that she needs and she was happy about it. Also she stated that the fact that lesbian marriages are approved of makes her happy even though she is not planning to get married soon still she has the option to do this. So who is this newly open lesbian girl? Raven’s full name is Raven Symone Christina Pearman, but she is known only as Raven Symone. She is an American actress and also a singer. Her first appearance in television was in 1989 in The Crosby Show where she has appeared as Olivia. Since then she has had a show called by her name That’s so Raven where she acted as a teenager with psychic powers and she has released her third album while still on the show and this was her most selling one.
Due to the fact that she has openly came out as lesbian rumors about her dating women started immediately. In 2012 AzMarie Livingston was called as Raven Symone girlfriend. She was a contestant in the show America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion. Thus there were only rumors and there are no facts to base them so either she was dating AzMarie is just her business, because as she stated herself in her twitter page her sexual orientation is just her and the person who is with her business.
Now there are new rumors about Raven Symone girlfriend and that Ari Lennox can be called this way. She is 22 years old and she is from Washington. Raven Symone girlfriend is a singer, who has captures a lot of attention recently. She has gained a lot of fans, because of the music that Ari is making at the moment. In a recent interview Raven Symone girlfriend has talked about her life and where she is heading at the moment.
Raven Symone girlfriend is concentrated on working on her career as a singer right now. She states that singing makes her feel free and she notes that her singing career began four years ago when her friends were going to college and she decided to put all of her work into YouTube. Raven Symone girlfriend notes that one of the things that she is mostly inspired of is her mother’s love for her. The singer notes that she has six siblings and that her mother manages to love all of her seven children and this makes her special.
Raven Symone girlfriend notes that in the future she would like to make her career the way that it would make her about 20,000 a month’s so that she would not have to work other jobs and spend her time singing. She states that the most valuable experience in her life was when she had the opportunity to open up a concert for Kelly Rowland and that was amazing. So Raven Symone girlfriend seems to be simple and nice and if the rumors about their relationship are true than Raven is lucky.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Raven Symone girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

raven symone girlfriend

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