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So who is Peter Andre girlfriend in the 2013?

Peter Andre Girlfriend, named Emily MacDonagh and Peter have stated to the media the wonderful news that they are expecting their baby together the same day that Prince George was born. The couple wanted to make the day special so that their baby could know when the news about his birth was made.
Peter Andre girlfriend met Peter in 2010. And the one that brought them together was her father Ruaraidh MacDonagh, because he was Peter’s doctor. Peter fell ill one day and as soon as he found out his diagnosis he wanted Emily’s father to treat him. Peter Andre girlfriend father has treated Peter’s father in the past, so he knew that Emily’s father is a great doctor and a good specialist. So a source notes that when Ruaraidh was his doctor he became close to his whole family and that was the way that Peter met Emily.
As soon as the rumors about them expecting a baby spread they had no choice but to confirm this in the media and their spokesman stated that the couple is thrilled about becoming parents. Peter Andre girlfriend is 23 years old and she has appeared on his reality show called Peter Andre: My Life. She has openly declared in the show that she has hopes of fulfilling his family expectations. She has stated that she was sure to like his family and she had hopes that they will also like her. According to Peter Andre girlfriend being in good terms with his family is the prior thing for her, because she wants to become a part of his life.
Thus, she is not the first one in his life who is expecting a baby from him. In the past Katie Price was known as Peter Andre girlfriend and the singer has two children with her named Junior, who is 8 years old and Princess Tiaamii, who is six years old. He has been married to Katie, but after their divorce she found someone special in her life and now she is also expecting a baby from her new man. So the former Peter Andre girlfriend has wished her best luck for them and their pregnancy and she states that she hopes that they are happy.
Thus Peter Andre girlfriend is 17 years younger than him but he does think this is a problem and notes that she is going to be a perfect mother. He made his mind about this by seeing the way that Peter Andre girlfriend acts with children and how she manages to get close to them. Emily has finished her studies in medicine in Bristol University so now they can have their baby and after he is old enough Peter Andre girlfriend wants to continue her career and become a doctor one day. So it is unlikely that she is going to be the type of a mother who always stays at home and she want to fulfill her dream of being a good doctor one day.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Peter Andre girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

peter andre girlfriend

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