Paul Walker Girlfriend

So who is Paul Walker girlfriend in the 2013?

Paul Walker is an actor mostly known for his role in Fast & Furious saga. Due to his looks he has had a lot of relationship in the past. The first one to be called as Paul Walker girlfriend was Denise Richards. They began dating in 1993 and ended their relationship the same year, because they were too different. His relationship with Denise began when he was just in the start of his career as an actor and she was his first celebrity girlfriend.
In 2000 Paul was rumored to be with a model named Christina Milan. Thus their relationships were short and ended fast, so she can be called as his temporary fling. The same year Jaime King was called as Paul Walker girlfriend and they were serious in the beginning with the media consistently talking about the couple, but as his previous relationship these also did not last and ended after a year in 2001. She was also a model with blond hair and perfect face features.
Paul was also rumored to be with the stunning actress Jessica Alba. Their relationship allegedly started in 2003 when they were co-stars of the movie called Into the Blue. Thus the same year their relationship ended. She was rumored to be Paul Walker girlfriend because in one interview he has talked about her butt and stated that he likes it and after this the media linked them together.
Thus, with all of the women that were known as Paul Walker girlfriend at some point in their life there is also one girl that is going to be important to him forever and she is his daughter that he expected with the former Paul Walker girlfriend Rebecca. She was the one that was the most serious in his life. Thus they separated after some time from her birth and his daughter Meadow Rain Walker lives with her mother in Hawaii. He also has custody of her and she comes to stay with him in his home in Santa Barbara and Huntington Beach, California. Thus, no wonder that he does not manage to keep his relationship strong, because his parents are also divorced so he did not have a perfect example from them.
The latest Paul Walker girlfriend is Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell. Their relationship started in 2006 when she was only sixteen years old. Even though he had a lot of remarks in the media about the fact that she is too young this did not stop the couple and they even got engaged in 2008 as soon as she became eighteen years old. The current Paul Walker girlfriend should be the luckiest one, because in one of his latest interviews the actor has stated that even though he is jealous he manages to control his emotions. He notes that marriage is not a necessity in relationship and he doubts that he is going to get married any time soon, thus he is still engaged with Jasmine. So he should make up his mind what he wants in his love life.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Paul Walker girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

paul walker girlfriend

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