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So who is Oscar Pistorius girlfriend in the 2013?

Oscar Pistorius might have achieved a lot in his life, but recently his life situation has changed due to the fact that he has been accused with murder. If people do not know who Oscar it here are some facts about the athlete. Oscar Pistorius is a strong person, despite the fact that his legs were amputated below the knee when he was 11 months old, he still manages to participate in running events that are for able-bodied athletes. Oscar was the first amputee who won an able-bodied world track medal in World Championships in Athletics.
Oscar appears to be a religious man, because he has tattoos on his back that state some lines from the Bible. He also has another visible tattoo on his arm with dates of his mother’s birth and death. Even though Oscar has plenty of achievements in his life he has also a past and a future that does not look light for him. In 2009 he was arrested by the South African police, because he was accused of slamming a door on a woman. This was allegedly happening at his home. Thus the athlete was held overnight but because there were no charges the case was dropped soon after this happened. It is clear from this fact that Oscar has a difficult character and still he used to have a woman in his life and Reeva Steenkamp was called as Oscar Pistorius girlfriend. Thus it looks like her life ended tragically.
Oscar Pistorius girlfriend and the athlete were supposed to have their Valentine’s Day celebration, because this is a day that all the lovers celebrate, when Oscar made the biggest mistake of his life. Oscar Pistorius girlfriend was found dead in the morning of Thursday, 14 February, 2012 in Pistorius’ home. After this, Oscar was taken to police custody and he was charged of murdering Oscar Pistorius girlfriend. The athlete has fired four gun shoots through a closed bathroom door into where Oscar Pistorius girlfriend was. Three shots hit her through the door and she was killed. Thus Oscar has stated in his defense that he thought there was an intruder in their home and that was the main reason that he used his gun and shot through the bathroom. He states that he thought that Oscar Pistorius girlfriend was in the bed and even though prosecutors state that he has put on his prosthetic legs he denies this and notes that he did not have time to do it.
Oscar was not charged only because he murdered Oscar Pistorius girlfriend, but he has also had a gun without any permission and this fact also makes his case serious. Despite his mistake Oscar still has the support of his family. In the court while he was standing and listening to everything he held hand together with his brother and sister. The prosecutor stated that the athlete killed Oscar Pistorius girlfriend because they had an argument and he denies this. One way or another the trial of the athlete is going to take place from 10to 25 of March in 2014 where he is going to face the circumstances of his actions. For killing Oscar Pistorius girlfriend he faces life sentence or minimum 25 years in prison.

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