Novak Djokovic Girlfriend

So who is Novak Djokovic girlfriend in the 2013?

Jelena Ristic is Novak Djokovic girlfriend. To start here are some fact about Novak. He is a Serbian professional tennis player who is ranked as number one by the Association of Tennis Professionals. He is considered to be one of the greatest tennis players of all times and he has won several of titles and matches. He holds several men’s world records when it comes to his game. Besides his achievements in Tennis people like him and he has been selected as Laureus World Sports Award for Sportsman of the Year. And he has other awards that belong to him also like the player of the year and best male tennis player. So who is Jelena Ristic that the athlete chooses to be with her.
Novak Djokovic girlfriend was born in Belgrade that is the capital city of Serbia, so she is also Serbian just like Novak. Ristic is also an athlete; from the early ages of her life she began training in tennis and athletics. The couple met each other when they were attending Sport High School. Ever since then they state that it was love at first sight and they began their relationship. The fact that they both love tennis just makes their relationship stronger.
Thus later on in life they decided to go in different directions. Novak Djokovic girlfriend decided to continue her studies and pursue her career in it and Novak became a professional tennis player. Novak Djokovic girlfriend decided to attend Bocconi University in Milan. Despite the fact that there was distance between them now they managed to make it through and make their relationship even stronger. Djokovic was taking part in ATP World Tour, but their distance did not cause them any trouble in staying together.
As soon as they had time they would spend it together and be there for one another in order to give all the support that each of them needed. Novak Djokovic girlfriend stayed with him throughout his career and gave him her support. She was studying and at the same time she managed to come to all of the important matches that Novak played. Thus there is a saying that behind every great man there is a greater woman and Novak Djokovic girlfriend suit this perfectly.
At one part of his life Novak was dealing with celiac disease and Novak Djokovic girlfriend was there to support him, Novak had this for the most part of his life but only in it was discovered. And even though this caused him bad feelings he still managed to make it into the number one and stay there. Ever since he was diagnosed and knew what he should do his career began to get even better. Novak Djokovic girlfriend also managed to achieve what she wanted; she has Master’s degree and now is trying to make it as PhD. Even though Novak is famous they appear to be a normal couple and try to live their life as normal as possible.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Novak Djokovic girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

novak djokovic girlfriend

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