Niall Horan Girlfriend

So who is Niall Horan girlfriend in the 2013?

Niall Horan is one of the members of the group One Direction, which popularity became big after they won one reality show. Zoe Whelan was just recently known as Niall Horan girlfriend but they split up just after he brought her to his brother’s wedding and she was introduced to his family as Niall Horan girlfriend. Ever since then their relationship have been going on and off. Zoe is Irish and she is a model and reportedly Niall broke up with her for permanent.
The former Niall Horan girlfriend has enough dignity not to talk about the end of their relationship in public and even though she has been offered a lot of money for an exclusive interview plenty of times, her answer is always the same, negative. A source has stated that their relationship is over for real this time and that he was the one that left Niall Horan girlfriend. The main reason that influenced the end of their relationship is the fact that Niall has to travel a lot because of his concert and he does not have enough time to spend together with her. Thus, Niall Horan girlfriend tried to hold their relationship and she wanted to be with him, he left her and this left Zoe devastated.
Niall Horan girlfriend has been having a lot of success in her modeling career recently and he did not even bother to write her or call her to congratulate Zoe. Sources state that he did not call her for two weeks and this is a long time. There is more to tell about their brake up and the reasons for it. Another reason that he left Niall Horan girlfriend was that his group pushed him to do this, because they thought that it takes too much time for him to worry about Zoe. Members of One Direction think that he should be more concentrated on their music at the time of their popularity. Not only that Zoe is devastated because he left her, thus the model also gets different threats from One Direction fans. People threaten her with killing her and she states that this does not scare her anymore, because it only makes her stronger.
Niall Horan girlfriend met him in one concert and that was the way that their relationship began it was like fate because Zoe was travelling and Niall was on the tour. Zoe works in London even though she is from Dublin. Thus there were signs that showed that Niall is into her in a serious way and he introduced her to his family and they liked her. Zoe was the first one that Niall brought home after he become famous. At the beginning Zoe denied their relationship status and she has stated that they are only friends, but with time it became obvious that they are a couple. Zoe seemed to be perfect for Niall and even though his group convinced him to leave her he might regret making this decision in the future and the former Niall Horan girlfriend is not going to take him back, because he hurt her a lot.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Niall Horan girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

niall horan girlfriend

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