Neymar Girlfriend

So who is Neymar girlfriend in the 2013?

Neymar is quite a new name heard in the media and he is the new and rising star of FC Barcelona. His full name is Neymar da Silva Santos Junior, but the media knows him just as Neymar. Neymar has gotten his name from his father, who was also a football player and as soon as he became his son’s advisor he could witness Neymar’s talent and its growth. He was the main person in his family who began to bring a lot of money for them and because of his career his family managed to buy a house. Since he was 17 he signed his first serious and professional contract.
Because of his looks and talent he has had a lot of relationship in his life and the first one to be called Neymar girlfriend was Rafaela Lancelloti. She has perfect looks and she was the one that witnessed his entire road to fame and glory because they were together when it began. After her there was Caro Dantas named as Neymar girlfriend and she gave birth to his child. The son that he has with her is the only child in his life and they maintain good relationship until now as they remained friends after their brake up.
Fernanda Barroso was the next one in his list and she was one of the early girlfriends in his life. Thus their relationship did not last for long and they broke up. Another one of Neymar girlfriend list was Anamara. Then there was Andressa Suita. She was a participant of one realty show in Brazil and they got together for a short time. He must have something when it comes to girls that have participated in reality shows and were seen on television, because after Suita Roberta Apparatti was Neymar girlfriend and she was a participant in a dancer game show in Brazil. Thus reportedly they had only a short fling together.
In his life there were also relationships that were not serious and considered only as hook ups and girls like Barbara Evans and Carol Abranches make list of his short stands. Carol Belli also had relationship with Neymar and she was a part of a comedy show in her career. After all of these short flings he decided to get married and the lucky one was Dani Sperle. Not only that she has been called as Neymar girlfriend she was also known as his wife. But they separated after a while.
After his marriage there were also plenty of women in his life just as short flings until he met Bruna Marquezine, the current Neymar girlfriend. Thus she is only 17 years old no one would say that this is her real age, because of her body figure. Neymar girlfriend is a Brazilian soap actress and she has also done various modeling jobs. Her career began when she was only eight years old and after she started to act in soap operas it took off. About their relationship they both state that they are happy together at the moment and this is what is important.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Neymar girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

neymar girlfriend

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