Nate Ruess Girlfriend

So who is Nate Ruess girlfriend in the 2013?

Nate Ruess girlfriend does not exist at the moment and this could change any time, because he is highly known. Just recently his group Fun became popular. He is the lead singer of this group and also he writes songs. Earlier he used to belong to another group called The Format. Nate was born in Iowa City and he has an older sister. Thus his family had to move to Arizona because he has suffered from bouts of pneumonia which he suffered as a child. So he remained in Arizona throughout his childhood. He has attended Deer Valley High School and belonged to a punk band during those times.

The Format, his former group was formed by him and his best friend. Even though they made good music together with their band because of growing conflicts they had to separate. Thus Nate wanted to become a famous singer and make it in the music industry so after his band split immediately he made another band called Fun with two other members Jack Antonoff and Andrew Dost. Their first album was released titled Aim and Ignite. It did not make positive response, but their first single We Are Young receiver reviews all over and achieved fame. With their second album released they bounced straight to success.

Even though Nate Ruess girlfriend does not exist, he has made songs with such famous female artists like Pink. The song is called Just Give Me a Reason. This brought him even more success and he has co-written a song Die Young which is sung by Kesha. So his fame came so fast that he did not even managed to take track of it. Not only that he has great vocal, but also his on stage performance is energetic and powerful. His style also brings up a lot of attention, because members of Fun like to dress in a distinctive way and they are recognized because of this.

Nate Ruess girlfriend should be found any time soon, because he is 31 years old and it should be about time to get into serious relationship. In addition he has dated women in the past, but none of his relationship worked. He has dated Rachel Antonoff and she was known as Nate Ruess girlfriend for some time. She is a fashion designer and also his group member sister. Thus they did not last for long and their relationship broke off.

Earlier this year rumors began to spread that Ellie Goulding is Nate Ruess girlfriend. There are rumors that their relationship started when they both were on tour in Australia. Sources note that Nate Ruess girlfriend got close to him during this tour and they were spending a lot of time together. From the first time that Nate met Ellie a source notes that they had a lot to talk about and they decided to meet up again. Rumors about them are spread also because Nate has stated that he really likes her music and that he would love to be with her, so they are rumored to have a fling.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Nate Ruess girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

nate ruess girlfriend

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