Michael Phelps Girlfriend

So who is Michael Phelps girlfriend in the 2013?

Michael Phelps has just recently stepped out with a new girl in his life names Win McMurry. The couple has been seen together since the early June and their relationships are confirmed for the media. Michael Phelps girlfriend is a reporter for the Golf Channel. In addition it is the same channel that broadcasts his show The Haney Project. Even though Michael was linked to Megan Rousse in the January he stated that she could not become Michael Phelps girlfriend, because their relationship were not going anywhere so he broke them of. And now he is seen in the company of a beautiful University of North Carolina graduate. So who is Michael Phelps girlfriend?
Win has become a part of Golf Channel since 2010 and she reports for a couple of shows made there. She also writes articles for GolfChannel.com. Not only that Michael Phelps girlfriend knows how to talk about golf; she hosts a show about online travel, so she has plenty of activities in the channel. Thus it was not her first job that she has had. She began her career in PGA TOUR Entertainment and Win worked as a producer there and also hosted a show called PGA TOUR Today. She has also served as a reporter during different interviews. Michael Phelps girlfriend knew from the early times in her life who she wants to be and worked in order to achieve this. So she has made her dream become reality.
Michael Phelps girlfriend has also been crowned as Miss Fantasy Challenge so not only that she is smart, she also is beautiful. Sports Illustrated magazine has declared her as golf’s No. 1 Beauty. It is no wonder that she has studied journalism and communication studies in university. Thus she has not just finished her studies, she also has a certificate from UNC’s business school and she needed to have these studies in order to have her career. Michael Phelps girlfriend focuses not only on her work, but she also wants to have a close family relationship so she has declared in her Twitter account that she loves her mother. Despite all of the dreams that Michael Phelps girlfriend has achieved she would also like to be a participant of the show Dancing With the Stars. Win has stated that she grew up dancing and that she has even took ballet classes in New York City, so this would be a great challenge for her.
Michael Phelps girlfriend can do everything that she takes up. In 2010 she has modeled for Birdy & Grace golf apparel for women so this also makes her a model. When it comes to picking out movies that she would like to watch over and over again, she would go for “The Shawshank Redemption” and this proves her good taste. And the last interesting fact about Michael Phelps girlfriend is that she has met Bill Clinton and she has proven it on her Twitter account. There is a picture of them standing together. So Michael Phelps girlfriend is one of a kind and he choose her because of a lot of reasons.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Michael Phelps girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

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