Michael Fassbender Girlfriend

So who is Michael Fassbender girlfriend in the 2013?

Michael Fassbender is a German-Irish actor and his mostly known character was Magneto in the film X-Men: First Class. Also he has acted as David in the movie Prometheus which is science fiction. The actor was born in Germany, for his mother Irish and father German. Michael has attended Fossa National School and also St. Brendan’s College after which he went to study in Drama Centre London. Thus, the actor did not know at the beginning where exactly in the world he would like to live, so he shifted between American and British films until he decided to stay in Britain and has lived there for the past 15 years now. Thus, he goes to Los Angeles in California for his career-related visits.

Michael knows how to speak German, but he had to improve his language, because he had forgotten it, before acting in Inglourious Basterds. Further, there were German companies that suggested him roles in movies, but he disagreed. He has one main thing that he is interested in besides acting and that is Formula 1. When he was acting in X-Men: First Class Michael has dated his co-star of the movie Zoe Kravitz. In addition Nicole Beharie was also known as Michael Fassbender girlfriend, because when they were acting in Shame he dated her.

And now Louise Hazel is known as the new Michael Fassbender girlfriend. It appears that they have been spending a lot of time together and there are reports about them being a new couple. Even though Michael is working in his upcoming movie in Montreal he comes back to see Michael Fassbender girlfriend in London. It is hard to believe this, because he has stated in one interview that his career comes first for him. Michael Fassbender girlfriend should be second in his life, because he notes that even though he is a romantic person and would love to create a family this is supposed to wait until his works reduce. He states that it is difficult to give all the time that other person needs and to be a good actor the same time. Thus, the new Michael Fassbender girlfriend must have changed his mind.

Michael Fassbender girlfriend is an English athlete and she has competed in four major international championships. Hazel was born in London and ever since she was a child she used to enjoy all type of sports. At age 10 she began training in the local athletic club, because her father encouraged her to do this. Michael Fassbender girlfriend got her BA education in French in the University of Birmingham. Her first championship where Michael Fassbender girlfriend has participated was in 2006 when she was ranked 17th at European Championships, three years later she finished 14th at the World Championship. The year 2009 was the best for Michael Fassbender girlfriend because she was ranked second best in the country and ninth best of all time of heptathlon. She also has one gold medal when she was a part of England team in 2010 Commonwealth Games. So Michael Fassbender girlfriend is a great athlete and he should cherish her.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Michael Fassbender girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

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