Matthew Gray Gubler Girlfriend

So who is Matthew Gray Gubler girlfriend in the 2013?

Recent reports note that Taylor Swift is Matthew Gray Gubler girlfriend. There are rumors that the couple started dating since one party in her home in Rhode Island where they spent a lot of time together. Thus at the beginning rumors started, because Matthew posted a picture of himself standing in Taylor’s kitchen and posing at the fourth of July, but there were no statements or proves about them being a real couple. But now there are reports that claim that Taylor is the new Matthew Gray Gubler girlfriend. It is stated that after the party Matthew Gray Gubler girlfriend messaged him in Facebook, because she thought that he was cute.

Reports claim that at first Matthew did not believe that it was really her messaging him, but when she invited him to stay in her house and have a nice dinner he realized that it was Taylor actually. Not only that she invited him, but also Matthew Gray Gubler girlfriend found out what his favorite foods are and she cooked them in order to please him. Thus the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach so Taylor managed to reach it and apparently the couple is together and happy ever since now.

Thus, Matthew Gray Gubler girlfriend has stated in one interview that she thinks only that love which makes you wrote songs and sing about it is the only one important in life. In addition Matthew should get ready to hear all kind of songs dedicated to him from Matthew Gray Gubler girlfriend. Taylor states that she wants to be madly in love and to be happy about it. So they must found love together.

Here are some facts about Matthew, for people who might not know who he is so well. Matthew is an actor and a former fashion model. His most famous role was in the television series Criminal Minds, where he played Dr. Spencer Reid. Further he has directed a few episodes of the same television series. He was born in Las Vegas and he finished Las Vegas Academy of International Studies with a degree in acting. Matthew would have chosen film making but this particular school did not offer this kind of profession. Then he decided to go to New York’s University’s Tisch School of the Arts and he received his degree in film directing there. So now when you know who he is, let’s introduce Matthew Gray Gubler girlfriend.

Taylor Swift is an American singer and also a songwriter as people might know already. She moved to Nashville in order to pursue her career in country music. Matthew Gray Gubler girlfriend makes songs about her experience as a teenager and a young adult also. She has won plenty of Awards including twelve Billboard Music Awards and seven Grammy Awards as well as many others. Matthew Gray Gubler girlfriend has sold over 26 million albums. When it comes to her personal life she has been into relationship with such people as Taylor Lautner and Joe Jonas and other, but right now she is known as Matthew Gray Gubler girlfriend.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Matthew Gray Gubler girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

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