Mario Balotelli Girlfriend

So who is Mario Balotelli girlfriend in the 2013?

Fanny Neguesha is the new Mario Balotelli girlfriend and it is a good thing that she manages to deal with the current situation in his life. The former Mario Balotelli girlfriend decided to sue his parents, because they wrote and open letter to her in which she was accused of using their son. Apparently Mario’s parents think that she was with their son only for the fame and money.
Former Mario Balotelli girlfriend is 25 years old and he is 22. Their relationship ended last summer and just at the time when they broke up Rafaella Fico, that is the name of the previous Mario Balotelli girlfriend, stated that she is expecting a baby from him. Even though she clearly states that Mario is the father of their daughter born in December, he refuses to agree and want to do DNA test in order to be sure about this.
Even since she broke the news for him their relationship got worse. The former Mario Balotelli girlfriend wants to defend herself and there were several of articles in different magazines where she was called different words by Mario and she did not keep quite herself. As a response she has stated in her interviews that Mario is cruel and he has not seen his baby girl, even though she was born in December and that proves that he has no emotions for her and does not care. Thus, Fico has also stated that when they were together their love was real and his parents only want to frame her stating that she cares just about the money.
Mario’s parents made their opinion about Fico clear, they note that their son is not the way that she describes him and that he would not act in this way, because he is responsible. This led to Fico signing a defamation act in a court in Milan against Mario’s parents. She has stated in it that they had relationship that lasted a year and that gave them their beautiful baby Pia and that they had a nice love story until it ended.
It former Mario Balotelli girlfriend succeeds in the court this could cost Mario’s parents hundreds of thousands of Euros. Thus, lucky for them the date of the hearing has not been set yet and they refuse to comment on this situation, so as previous Marion Balotelli girlfriend. Mario might be doing a big mistake because he does not want to see his baby girl and waits for paternity test, because children grow fast.
Thus it seems like he is too busy with the new Mario Balotelli girlfriend called Fanny Neguesha. She is a model and he has posted a lot of pictures with her on his twitter account. Not only that she is Mario Balotelli girlfriend, but he has given her an engagement ring worth 100,000 of dollars. Thus as a response the former Mario Balotelli girlfriend has posted pictures of her sunbathing near her home in Naples just before Pia, their daughter was having her baptism ceremony.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Mario Balotelli girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

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