Louis Tomlinson Girlfriend

So who is Louis Tomlinson girlfriend in the 2013?

Louis Tomlinson girlfriend is Eleanor Calder and they have been together for a couple of years now. For those who do not know why Louis is famous here is some information. He is a singer and belongs to a band called One Direction. Despite his career in music industry he is also semi-professional football player and he plays for Doncaster Rovers. The beginning of his career was in television series Fat Friends. Louis’ parents are divorced and he took the name of his stepfather.

In his teenage years he had plenty of simple jobs in order to have some money of his own. There was a time when he worked in Vue cinema and then he was a waiter in the hospitality suite In Doncaster Rovers football stadium. So he seems like down-to-earth person. The group one Direction was formed during one reality show The X Factor and even though they did not win their success came with the help of the media. Their group has sold over 30 million of records and gained a lot of awards for their singing abilities. Louis refers to Robbie Williams as his influence and he names this singer as his idol.

In his personal life Louis Tomlinson girlfriend can feel safe about his feeling for her, because he has stated in one interview that he would never cheat on her. Even though he is on a tour together with the group and there are millions of girls that would love to take him home with them, he states that it is impossible. This is not only because he is a relationship with Eleanor, but he just does not like women who through themselves at him and are available any time.

Even though Louis admits that earlier this year he was much happier together with Louis Tomlinson girlfriend, but he has to do his work. In addition Eleanor has flied to visit him just after she finished her exams in Manchester University. Whenever then can they come to visit one another and still most of the time they are separated by the distance.

The singer was asked if he is going to marry Louis Tomlinson girlfriend and he replied that it is too early to say something about this, because he is too young. Louis added that he is happy at the moment. He understands that they both have commitments. He has to be on the tour and she has to continue her studies and pass her exams.

Louis Tomlinson girlfriend is lucky, because he spends most of the time with her and his group. He notes that it is important to be friends in the first place in order to make their relationship work. Further, trust is important for him and he definitely trust Louis Tomlinson girlfriend just as she trusts him. Louis thinks that it is a good thing that they met when he was already famous and in the band, because in other way it would have been hard to adjust to his lifestyle changes.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Louis Tomlinson girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

louis tomlinson girlfriend

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