Lil Wayne Girlfriend

So who is Lil Wayne girlfriend in the 2013?

Dhea is called as Lil Wayne girlfriend, but she does not like to share her personal information with the media. Here are some facts about Lil Wayne girlfriend. She is Italian descent and she comes from Scottsdale. Her last name is not known for the media. Her profile in Facebook names Suede as Lil Wayne girlfriend last name, but it is only the name of the place where she works. It is a restaurant in her native city. Rumors spread recently that Lil Wayne should watch his girlfriend in a closer way because Drake wants to seduce her and take her away from him.

Thus Drake and Lil Wayne seem to have issues about one another for a couple of years now. Drake states that Lil is taking too much money from his record company and Lil notes that Drake is not respectful enough. There are rumors that Lil Wayne girlfriend has spent some time recently in Drake’s apartment and Wayne did not know anything about this. Drake has revealed that he has a crush on Dhea for some time now. Due to this fact Lil Wayne girlfriend is not on the list of favorite persons in the media and people are stating bad things about her.

One source notes that this is not the first time when Drake gets together with Lil Wayne girlfriend, because he has messed with his former one in the past. Rumors have it that Drake was together with Shanell while Lil was locked up. In order to make Lil Wayne angry Drake has stated that he has slept with every woman that Wayne has, but this is not proved.

Lil should not worry about this because he has four children now and he has retired just because they are growing and he needs to be around, at least this is what he has stated to the media. His first daughter was born when he was only 15 years old himself. Antonia Carter was Lil Wayne girlfriend at that time and they were sweethearts in high school. In 2004 he married Lil Wayne girlfriend and their marriage took place on Valentine’s Day. Thus this did not help to keep it together and in 2006 they divorced. His daughters name is Reginae and there were rumors on the internet that she has died in a car crash accident. But Lil cleared them up notifying that none of his family members have suffered in a car accident and that his daughter is at home.

All of his four children are from different ladies. His second child was born in 2008 and the name of his mother is not published. Then Lauren London gave birth to his fourth child. She is an actress and she was known as Lil Wayne girlfriend for a really short time. After two months Nivea gave birth to his fourth child named Neal. She was also known as Lil Wayne girlfriend and also for a short time. Another women was pregnant with his child, but she lost it.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Lil Wayne girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

lil wayne girlfriend

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