LeBron James Girlfriend

So who is Lebron James girlfriend in the 2013?

LeBron James met Savannah Brinson while they both were studying in high school and ever since then she is LeBron James girlfriend. It seems that it was love at first sight for him, because he could not lay his eyes from her. They both attended St Vincent St Mary’s High School. She is not nearly as famous as LeBron James but ever since he met her she is living like in a dream. They both decided that LeBron James girlfriend does not want to live on the spotlight and she managed to keep her life nice and private, but with their future wedding this seems to be impossible. The media wants to know everything about LeBron James girlfriend.

Thus, there is some information about LeBron James girlfriend on the internet. For example Savannah is Virgo and there are a lot of facts that make LeBron love her. What kind of man does not love the mother of his children? LeBron James girlfriend has given birth to their first child in 2004. LeBron James JR. was born on the 6th of October and made him a father. After three years the couple decided to have another child and she gave birth to another boy. LeBron wanted to name him Bryce Maximus James and she agreed.

LeBron James girlfriend is a perfect mother. She takes care of their children with big love and gives them all the time that they need. Often she posts pictures of them on her twitter page and she posts videos also, where they sing nice songs about their mother being beautiful and sexy. Even though this is not so appropriate still, she knows that their children love her and this makes LeBron James girlfriend happy.

LeBron James Girlfriend thinks that paparazzi attention is too big sometimes, because there is no need to take so many pictures of her, because she is not popular, her husband is. Thus, she likes to take up new challenges and this year she is planning to lean Spanish language by herself, because Savannah notes that she would love to be semi fluent in this language.

In addition LeBron James girlfriend reveals that Miami is not her favorite place to spend vacations in. she notes that it is nice to go there and enjoy sun for a couple of days and then come back home. LeBron James girlfriend has a good sense of humor and she makes him laugh and not only him, sometimes she tweets post that make her followers laugh. Thus there are reports about LeBron cheating on Savannah and this could ruin their wedding if she believes them. LeBron James seems to be not that type of man who would cheat on her, because he had a rough childhood and he understands the importance of family. His mother raised him alone, after giving birth to him when she was 16 years old. They were always having not enough money, because she was struggling to find job and make it through. LeBron should not do anything that could destroy the love he shares with Savannah.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Lebron James girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

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