Kit Harington Girlfriend

So who is Kit Harington girlfriend in the 2013?

Kit is an actor known for his role in television series Game of Thrones. He was born in London in 1986 and this means he is 27 years old. His full name is Christopher Catesby Harington. When he was 11 year old his family decided to move to Worcester and took him and his brother also. Kit has an interesting story about his name, because he notes that people used to call hi Kit all the time and he found out that his real name is Christopher only when he was 11 years old. Thus after he knew his real name still he stayed Kit all the time, because he notes that this is who he is.

In 2008 he graduated from Central School of Speech and Drama and he began his career in theatre, because he studied Theatre and Drama. In addition his career began while he was still studying, because he has one role in War Horse and played the character Albert up until 2009. When Kit decided to go into Game of Thrones audition he had a black eye and he notes that this made him look tougher than others and he made it into next stage.

If there would exist Kit Harington girlfriend she would have to take care of him constantly, because during season three Kit was not able to even walk. He injured his leg and could not do a lot of things and the actor states that this happened when he was climbing into his house through a window because he had forgotten keys from the door.

When it comes to things that he likes about girls and his ideal first date Kit Harington girlfriend should like to have dinner with wine. He states that for the first date it is better to keep everything simple because otherwise it would be too much. Further, Kit Harington girlfriend should like horror movies or at least agree to watch them together with him, because he is a big fan.

Kit Harington girlfriend should have a good sense of humor and be funny. He likes when women do not take him seriously and this way he can joke with them and be himself. Further, he likes when women can eat and do not count their calories consistently. He states that he would prefer if Kit Harrington girlfriend would order herself a burger instead of salad.

Further, Kit does not like to play video games and he prefers to spend time outdoors. He notes that he has tried to play some games, but he failed at them and he does not want to try anymore. In addition Kit Harington girlfriend should be able to deal with his fears and the biggest of them all is flying. He states himself that he highly doubts about being able to sit on a plain and be calm. As soon as he founds Kit Harington girlfriend she should like his long hair, because he has to have them for his role in Game of Thrones.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Kit Harington girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

kit harington girlfriend

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