Kevin Durant Girlfriend

So who is Kevin Durant girlfriend in the 2013?

Kevin Durant is an American professional basketball player and he is engaged with Kevin Durant girlfriend, WNBA’s Monica Wright. The game is one thing that unites them and they both are good at what they do. Kevin has known Monica since 2006 when they saw each other in McDonald’s High School All-American Game and since then their relationship evolved and became stronger.
Kevin since early ages in his life knew that he wants to become a great basketball player one day. There are four children in his family and he has two brothers and one sister. So Kevin is not afraid to express his emotions in public and he has made various tweets on his account about the way that he loves Kevin Durant girlfriend. And she has replied to him also many times. After Kevin has donated 1 million of dollars for tornado relief in Oklahoma Kevin Durant girlfriend has stated for Fox Sports North that he has a golden heart and every time that some kind of disaster happens he is the first ne that wants to help people. So he takes care not only of Kevin Duran girlfriend but also others.
Kevin Durant girlfriend comes from a smaller family and she has only one older brother. She was born in Texas and later moved to Virginia. When Kevin Durant girlfriend was attending high-school she was a great basketball player and was ranked as Gatorade Virginia Player of the year. After high-school she has attended university of Virginia and was named as Rookie of the Year. She belonged to Cavalier team and was one of the best players. In 2010 Kevin Durant girlfriend was selected to play in the Minnesota Lynx in 2010 WNBA Draft.
So they are a perfect match for one another and their engagement only proves this. Kevin Durant girlfriend has agreed to marry him and the couple is planning their wedding. Ever since Kevin gave her the ring she has been showing it off and she has what to show, because it is a big diamond ring. Thus at the beginning of their relationship Kevin Durant girlfriend and Kevin agreed that they will try to keep it out of the spotlight, but this did not work. They began to be linked to one another in spring. At the beginning they attended each other games pretending to be only friends and the media believed this, because they have known each other since high school.
As soon as they became serious that had to announce about being a couple and the rumors began when they began to tweet things that caught the attention. They posted different things about relationship and then Monica was started to be called as Kevin Durant girlfriend. Thus they have not confirmed about their engagement the ring on Kevin Durant girlfriend finger proves that they are engaged. Sources state that their engagement took place on the 6th of July and the news spread on the 7th of July. So the only thing needed is their confirmation.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Kevin Durant girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

kevin durant girlfriend

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