Keanu Reeves Girlfriend

So who is Keanu Reeves girlfriend in the 2013?

Keanu Reeves is an actor and his love life was hard for him to handle at some points in his life. Keanu is an actor and his most famous role was in The Matrix trilogy, where he was the main character Neo. Since then he has also acted in plenty of movies that gained him success and fame and also increasing net worth. He is Canadian and his father left his family when Reeves was just a child, so due to the fact that his mother had other men in her life he had to move a lot and live with different stepfathers.

There was one important woman in his life and her name was Jennifer Syme. She was known as Keanu Reeves girlfriend. In 1999 she gave birth to their daughter named Ava Archer Syme-Reeves. Thus, she did not have time to enjoy her motherhood, because their daughter was born dead. Thus, Keanu Reeves girlfriend also ended her life; she died in a car accident when her Jeep Cherokee hit three parked cars in Hollywood. Because of the crash she was partly thrown out of the car and did not make it alive.

The time when Keanu Reeves girlfriend gave birth to their daughter she was treated from depression, because she was not feeling well after the death of their daughter. When she was alive neither Keanu Reeves girlfriend nor Reeves himself have commented about the loss of their daughter and they decided to be quiet about their personal life.

Thus the reason that Keanu Reeves girlfriend hit the parked cars might be connected with things that police found in the inside of the vehicle. There were medications that Keanu Reeves girlfriend was using from her depression and also two one dollar bills that were rolled-up in way to use drugs and white powdery was also found in the car. Thus, Keanu Reeves girlfriend mother has stated that her daughter has never used drugs in her life. She was only treated by one doctor from her back pain and another one tried to make her depression go away. Thus he did not manage.

Besides the death of Keanu Reeves girlfriend he has other bad experience in his life. In 2008 he was sued by Alison Silva a paparazzo. She claimed that Keanu hit her with his Porsche and injured her. Thus it took one and a half year for this to get into court and Silva continued to attack Reeves in court, but she did not manage to succeed anything and he was declared not guilty. After the death of Keanu Reeves girlfriend he has been involved with different women but his relationships were not serious.

In 2003 Winona Ryder was known as Keanu Reeves girlfriend, thus they were only rumored to be dating, there are no proves bout them being a real couple. There were also rumors about him being homosexual but he always managed to prove these rumors wrong, thus he has never been married.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Keanu Reeves girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

keanu reeves girlfriend

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