Justin Bieber Girlfriend

So who is Justin Bieber girlfriend in the 2013?

Justin Bieber is a singer that does not have to be introduced, because he is popular and famous and widely spoken of in the media. There is a new romance in Justin’s life and the special girl, who is called as Justin Bieber girlfriend is Jordan Ozuna. The pop star had other women in his past and one of the most important was Selena Gomez. The former Justin Bieber girlfriend, Selena, is also a singer and she can be called as actress, because she has had roles in different movies and television series. In the past Selena has talked about her relationship with Justin and she was hurt by the fact that they broke up. But right now she states that she does not have time to pay attention to Justin anymore. So how did this happen? How from a loving girl she became the one that does not feel anything for him? Selena tries hard not to think about him and his new girlfriend and she is moving on. The former Justin Bieber girlfriend spends a lot of time with her family that is her mother and her new sister. Selena is busy spending time with friends and she does not even know who the new Justin Bieber girlfriend is. She has told the media that now; when she has seen how Justin changed she does not want to have anything to do with him. So now Gomes is living for herself instead of getting upset about Justin’s love life.
The rumors about Jordan being the new Justin Bieber girlfriend began to spread after they were having a date in Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving and they were noticed kissing and cuddling up to each other. They seemed into one another and now she is called as Justin Bieber girlfriend. So who is Jordan Ozuna? She is 22 years old and to begin with she is married. Not only that she has a husband, but according to his mother he does not even know that she is dating someone else in her life, because he is serving in the Coast Guard. Thus their marriage is not strong, because they have been separated for over a year and \they should get divorced any time soon. Justin Bieber girlfriend used to work at Hooters. She has changed her work place and right now she is working at Las Vegas night club called Light Vegas, but still she cannot forget her work at Hooters and she expresses her love to it through her Twitter account. Justin Bieber girlfriend has a perfect body and she likes to take care of it and if she would not look this way there is a big doubt is Justin would have an interest on her. Jordan has acted in a couple of commercials and she came to Las Vegas in order to make her career as a model at least according to her mother in law. But Justin Bieber girlfriend tells it differently, she states that she does not want to be a model. So even though Justin did not state anything about their relationship in the media they might be a couple after all.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Justin Bieber girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

justin bieber girlfriend

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