Joseph Gordon-Levitt Girlfriend

So who is Joseph Gordon-Levitt girlfriend in the 2013?

The fuss about Joseph Gordon-Levitt girlfriend and that Scarlett Johansson might be the one that he is dating at the moment has a reason. Joseph was the actor that was into his work all the time and there were no news about any girl in his life, he was alone and focused. Thus, the actor has been working on his new movie called Don Jon’s Addiction and he has worked on it big. Besides the fact that Joseph has written and directed this movie he also plays a role in it. And since the time that Scarlett Johansson became his co-star there are rumors about her being the new Joseph Gordon-Levitt girlfriend and there is a history about these rumors and how they started.
The first time that rumors were released about Scarlett Johansson being the new Joseph Gordon-Levitt girlfriend was when he was filming for The Dark Knight Rises back in 2011 in April and she was filming for Under the Skin. Even though he was in New York and she was in Scotland one magazine reported that they are together as a couple. Thus there were also rumors that even though they both stated that they are just friends, Scarlett was ready to give him the keys from her home. The media made it clear that she was the one who wanted to take their relationship into the next level and was ready to do this. It may look fast enough for Scarlett to be with someone new, because she has broken up with her former love Ryan Reynolds just months ago before these rumors about her being Joseph Gordon-Levitt girlfriend started.
Thus the rumors stopped spreading after some time and Scarlett was linked to other popular men, because allegedly nothing came out of this couple. After the quite time, a bomb has been dropped to the media. As soon as pictures from the filming of Don Jon’s Addiction got out, the rumors began to spread about them being together all over again. Different sources has stated that there are proves about Scarlett being Joseph Gordon-Levitt girlfriend. There are sources claiming that they have a romance since the time that they started filming in New Jersey. After the movie is going to be released it might become clear if they really have something going on.
Joseph has never been linked to any Hollywood beauty before, because he wanted to make his career and now he is in a place where millions of teenage stars dream to be. Maybe now, that he has made his debut as a director Scarlett is going to change his status from being single and she is going to become the real Joseph Gordon-Levitt girlfriend. If the couple is together it would be a great time to reveal about their relationship just before the American premiere of the movie Don Jon’s Addiction because the fact that Scarlett is Joseph Gordon-Levitt girlfriend would attract even more attention. Both of the actors are famous and their relationship would not surprise anyone.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Joseph Gordon-Levitt girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

joseph gordon-levitt girlfriend

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