Jonathan Toews Girlfriend

So who is Jonathan Toews girlfriend in the 2013?

Jonathan Toews is from Canada and he is a professional ice hockey player. He is the captain of Chicago Blackhawks, the team that he is playing for. Jonathan joined this team in 2007 and he was so good from the beginning that he was nominated for the Calder Memorial Trophy as being the best rookie of the year in NHL. He was the third youngest captain in the whole NHL history, because he earned this title by his hard work and all the effort that he put in his game. Jonathan might be good as his game and at his studies, because he is bilingual and can speak French and English fluently, but when it comes to his life outside the game he is not so perfect. In 2007 he and one of his team mates were arrested because they were using too much alcohol and they admitted that they are guilty and got community service to perform because of this.
What concerns his personal life the athlete does not like to share its details with the media and he wants to keep it to himself. Thus, there are some facts that he cannot hide, for example who is Jonathan Toews girlfriend. She is Lindsey Vecchione. She is a model born in Chicago Illinois in United States. Jonathan owes girlfriend is 26 years old and she was born in 1987 on the eight of July. Jonathan Toews girlfriend used to play in Lingerie football league. Lindsey is also a bikini model and not only that she has been a model for Playboy magazine where she posed nude. When Jonathan Toews girlfriend was younger she used to have profiles in different sites where she posted her pictures with bikini, but now when she is getting older it seems that she becomes wiser and does not use so many sites.
Rumors about Jonathan being with Lindsey began to spread in November last year so she was called as Jonathan Toews girlfriend since then, there were various of places where they have been spotted together. The couple attended Rush concert and also they have been a part of charity Champs event, which took place in Chicago. And ever since the media reported about her being the new Jonathan Toews girlfriend she has freeze her Facebook account and she is no longer available on twitter, only on Instagram, but she is private there.
Thus the fact that she is Jonathan Toews girlfriend, her fame has become bigger. She is enjoying her success and the fact that paparazzi are trying to get her pictures as much as they can. Lindsey has moved closer to his home in order to keep him company after his games and even though Jonathan does not say anything about his relationship it is clear enough that they are together in a serious way. Jonathan Toews girlfriend has her figure perfect and her body lines make a lot of men want to be with someone similar to her.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Jonathan Toews girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

jonathan toews girlfriend

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