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So who is Jodie Foster girlfriend in the 2013?

Jodie Foster is an actress and she has made a big tribute to movie market and was awarded for it. In the past Cydney Bernard was known as Jodie Foster girlfriend, and they eve raised Jodie’s children together. Jodie, who is 50 years old, has received Cecil B. Mile in the 70th Golden Globe Awards for her Lifetime achievement. During this event in her speech she has confirmed that she is lesbian, thus she also stated that she is single and Jodie Foster girlfriend is no longer her life partner even though they spent a lot of years together.
The former Jodie Foster girlfriend, Cydney, is 59 years old; her full name is Sydney Ellen Bernard. She was born in 1953 on the 30th of March. The couple met each other when they both were working on a movie called Sommersby. This happened in 1992, Jodie was an actress and Jodie Foster girlfriend was a production coordinator. Ever since then they began to date and started their relationship. Even though they had their relationship going on Jodie became pregnant and gave birth to her first son Charlie in 1998 and her second one named Kit was born in 2001. Jodie Foster girlfriend raised Jodie’s sons together with her and the name of their father was never revealed.
Jodie really loved Cydney, because in 2007 when she won Sherry Lancing Leadership Award she has said her thank you to her. She has notes that Jodie Foster girlfriend has stayed together with her through everything and for this she was grateful. Their relationship broke of the same year, after fourteen years spent as a couple they split up. Since then Cindy Mort was called as Jodie Foster girlfriend and Cydney was linked to Amanda Demme.
Even though they are not together anymore Jodie still loves her and this was clear in the 2013 Golden Globe awards. In her speech Jodie has stated that she could not have achieved what she has without her soul mate and her best friend and even though she is not Jodie Foster girlfriend anymore she still remains her best friend. Here is some more information about the most important person in Jodie’s life.
Cydney Bernard was a production coordinator in many movies such as A Mom For Christmas, Sommersby and L.A Story. She has also worked as a producer with the movie Ratz and A Girl Thing. So the former Jodie Foster girlfriend has multiple talents. Cydney is also private when it comes to her personal life just as Jodie. When they were together there were not so many reports about their relationship and there was no reason for rumors to be made about them. Cydney managed to make her career only with her abilities, because at the beginning she started just as production manager and managed to rise to production supervisor before becoming a producer. Even though there are rumors that Jodie was the one who left Jodie Foster girlfriend they are not proved and it is not clear why their relationship ended.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Jodie Foster girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

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