Jillian Michaels Girlfriend

So who is Jillian Michaels girlfriend in the 2013?

Jillian Michaels is openly lesbian and to begin with here is some information about her. She is a personal trainer, reality show personality and also a talk show host. She was born in Los Angeles in California and her father has never been revealed to the media. Jillian has had a rough childhood she remembers that their parents divorced when she was only 12 years and her nights were hard, because he was terrorizing his family. Further she was verbally abused by her classmates so there was no place that she would be calm.

Jillian has attended Californian State University and during that time she worked as a bartender and a personal trainer in order to have money to support her. She has worked as an agent with International Management and in 2002 she opened sports and medicine facility in Beverly Hills. Despite being successful in her business Jillian does not forget other people, because she is involved in all kind of charitable work. Further Michaels suffers from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and she was diagnosed with it when she was only just a child. She keeps her relationship with her mother and brother and younger sister close, because they will always be her family.

Heidi Rhodes is the current Jillian Michaels girlfriend and Jillian has expressed her sexuality stating that she believes in healthy love and she notes that falling in love with a woman is great and she is happy about it. Thus she notes that if she would have fallen in love with a man that would also been great, so she is bisexual. She notes that she lives healthy and this includes eating organic food so she also wants to have a healthy love in her life and Heidi is healthy for her.

The couple has decided to adopt a child and they did it. Jillian Michaels girlfriend together with Jillian brought home their two year old daughter that they adopted from Haiti. Her name is Lukensia and they had a hard time during adoption process which took a long time. Their family increased also after two weeks with Jillian Michaels girlfriend giving birth to their son named Phoenix. So now they are a big family together.

Their relationship started in 2008 and she has been dating Jillian Michaels girlfriend in secret for three years until she came out as bisexual and they finally could go out as a couple in the media. Jillian states for the media that she is thrilled with her motherhood and that it is great to become a mother. Thus Jillian Michaels girlfriend ads that they were not planning things to develop n such a fast way but life is the way that it is. Couples are never planning to have two children in a row but they are happy about it. Thus when Jillian Michaels girlfriend was asked about the biological father of her child she refused to answer and this is her choice. Now that they have a family Jillian has been spending more time at home taking care of their children.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Jillian Michaels girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

jillian michaels girlfriend

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