Jeremy Renner Girlfriend

So who is Jeremy Renner girlfriend in the 2013?

Jeremy Renner was one of the leading actors of Marvel’s Avengers and he has received a lot of attention because of his role there. Even though Sonni Pacheco was called as Jeremy Renner girlfriend the couple broke of their relationship, until recently she was spotted with a big belly and the rumors about her pregnancy began to spread. And who do you thing the father is? Jeremy Renner.
The first time that the former Jeremy Renner girlfriend was seen with her baby bump was when she was in Los Angeles having lunch and she was not putting a lot of effort to hide her pregnancy from the media, because her clothes were tight enough to notice it. Thus the fact that former Jeremy Renner girlfriend is a model might have made an influence on her dressing style, because she does not want to hide her figure, she is used to showing it.
The rumors about former Jeremy Renner girlfriend and her pregnancy began to spread even faster after a source stated that Jeremy himself was telling Eva Longoria in the Golden Globes about the fact that he made Sonni pregnant. Even though the actor was still to confirm this news for the media the story about former Jeremy Renner broke off. The fact that they met each other on the set of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol where he had a role and she was a stand in was released. It appears that they had a fling together.
In August the same year that they were doing the movie Jeremy Renner girlfriend was seen together with him in Los Angeles looking cozy and holding one another’s hands. Sonni is from Vancouver in British Columbia a part of Canada so she is Canadian. Thus there are reports that currently former Jeremy Renner girlfriend is living at Renner’s LA apartment. She is considered to be living together with Jeremy and his male friend, because one way or another relationship with Renner is over. The birth of their baby should take place sometime around April, or at least it is reported this way.
Jeremy seems to not mind the fact that she is living with him and another one of his friends; he is waiting until former Jeremy Renner girlfriend will give birth to their child. According to his close friend he is thrilled to become a father. They are like roommates, all three of them. Former Jeremy Renner girlfriend has spoken about her childhood in one blog and she has stated that she grew up catching frogs and among boys so she does not mind being with boys at this time of her life.
When Jeremy was stating this news for Eva Longoria he has stated that as soon as the former Jeremy Renner girlfriend water breaks he is going to be there and take care of her and their baby. So now they have a daughter and they take care of her together acting like a real family even though they are not.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Jeremy Renner girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

jeremy renner girlfriend

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