James Franco Girlfriend

So who is James Franco girlfriend in the 2013?

Anne Hathaway is known as James Franco girlfriend. Thus they have an interesting relationship the first thing to do is to introduce James. He is an American actor and his most famous role should be in Spiderman trilogy, where his character was Harry Osborn. The fact that James is an actor does not surprise anyone, because his mother was also an actress and he has gotten her talent. He has different blood running in his veins, because his father was of Portuguese and Swedish origin and his mother was Jewish. He is not the only one in his child, James has two brothers. He was a quite child and in his youth James wanted to become marine zoologist, but in the deep part of his heart he wanted to become an actor and the only thing stopping him was his fear of rejection.
The personal life of James was also a bumpy ride and he has several of girls in the past that were known as James Franco girlfriend at some point in their lives. Thus he has been called as the Sexiest Man Living in 2009 by one website and this also helped him to be ladies’ man. In 2008 he was the face of Gucci’s men’s fragrance and this made his face even more recognizable. He has been in relationship with Marla Sokoloff, who was his co-star of the movie Whatever It Takes. They met on the set and fell in love with each other and she was called as James Franco girlfriend for five years but their romance ended. Then he got into relationship with another actress named Ahna O’Reilly and they were together until 2011. He has stated about the end of relationship between him and the former James Franco girlfriend in 2011 in the Playboy magazine of August. The actor stated that their relationship did not work and they broke up because his interest in education got between them.
Apparently James Franco girlfriend is Anne Hathaway at the moment and she does not like when he is talking about their relationship to the media. it looks like the one who was taking an interview from him has stated that there are plenty of people who hate James Franco girlfriend because it looks like everything that she says while she is hosting some kind of event seems like it was written for her. Thus there are plenty of people who hate Anne because of this reason.
Thus it appears that James Franco girlfriend has not been talking for some time with him, but they made up after they were hosting Oscars together. And he likes to end his talks about James Franco girlfriend in this note. He notes that Anne was not so mad on him and that it was a really hard time during Oscars, because he had the impression that she has to be mad on him. So apparently there is not so much information about James Franco girlfriend and his relationship because she wants to keep it low.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known James Franco girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

james franco girlfriend

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