Ian Somerhalder Girlfriend

So who is Ian Somerhalder girlfriend in the 2013?

At the moment the actor Ian Somerhalder is single and on the market. Not only that he is an actor, but he has also tried himself out in modeling. His most famous roles are in Vampire Diaries, where his character is one of the vampire brothers that love the same girl and he was also known for his role in Lost. Ian was born in Covington in Louisiana. His mother is a massage therapist and his father is an independent building contractor. He has attended private Catholic school in Covington. He was a model from 10 to 13 years and when he turned 17 he decided to be an actor.

Thus not only that he is good looking, Ian likes to take care of animals and nature. He has helped after Deepwater Horizon drilling disaster. Not only had that he tried to clean oiled wildlife he also gave instructions to people so that they could help. He has been a part of different charitable organizations and has participated in all kind of events in order to raise money.

Ian has dated his co-star of Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev, and she was known as Ian Somerhalder girlfriend. Their relationship began in 2011 in September and they looked perfect together, most of their fans were thrilled about them being a couple, but their relationship came to an end in 2013. Even though people did not believe this at first, when his close friend Colton Haynes confirmed it was clear that Nina is no longer Ian Somerhalder girlfriend. There are rumors that Ian wanted something more from their relationship and that he wanted to create a family and Ian Somerhalder girlfriend is too young to look serious to their relationship.

Ian has opened up about his love life in one interview, but he refuses to talk about the former Ian Somerhalder girlfriend. He just has stated what it is important in women and what they should be like in order to get his attention. The actor notes that Ian Somerhalder girlfriend should know how to dance, because he wants to be seduced by her and dancing is the best way to do it. He states that if a woman knows how to move with the rhythm that is the sexiest thing.

Further he was asked what to do when you are heartbroken and how to handle it, it was like a hint after Ian Somerhalder girlfriend and he broke up. The actor notes that there are a lot of ways to do it. He states that people can go and have exercise, meditate and there are always your friends and some wine with the company. In addition Ian was asked about the type of lingerie that he loves on a girl and he has stated that he prefers nice ones, but when they are on the floor that is the best. Thus, he does not have anyone in his life and the former Ian Somerhalder girlfriend is also single. Further they are going to have to work together and act in VD.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Ian Somerhalder girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

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