Henry Cavill girlfriend

So who is Henry Cavill girlfriend in the 2013?

Henry Cavill and Kaley Cuoco have come out as a couple just recently and since then she was called as Henry Cavill girlfriend. So here are some facts about her. Kaley is an American actress, she has appeared on television series such as: Supernatural and The Big Bang Theory, not to mention the movies that she had roles in: Lucky 13, The Penthouse and Hop. Henry Cavill girlfriend was born in California and she was raised by her both parents there. Kaley was a great tennis player when she was a child, but at the age 16 she decided to stop playing. Before Henry Kaley has lived her personal life from one boyfriend to another. When she was actin in The Big Bang theory she has been into relationship with her co-star Johnny Galecki for two years and they kept their relationship in private, but still it did not last. Then she was engaged to Josh Resnik but in 2012 she announced about the end of their engagement. Thus, now after a short time that she came out as Henry Cavill girlfriend their relationship seems to be over.
After two weeks that they announced about Kaley being the new Henry Cavill girlfriend the couple broke of their relationship. There are rumors that Johnny might have made an influence for the end of Henry and Kaley relationship. Even though Henry Cavill girlfriend has divorced with Johnny more than three years ago they remained good friends and close to each other. And Johnny was worried about her and that she could get hurt by Henry, because sources state that he is a ladies man and does not take women too seriously.
The fact might be true, because before Henry met Kaley he was engaged to Ellen Whitaker and she was known as Henry Cavill girlfriend. Ellen was 30 years old and she is a horse jumper. After he broke of his engagement he got into relationship with Gina Carano and she was also known as Henry Cavill girlfriend. So this makes quite a record for him. Apparently he was still dating Gina when he met Kaley in spring and then he decided to break it off with Gina and get together with Kaley. A source has stated that there are a lot of women who were known as Henry Cavill girlfriend and that he is this way as soon as he sees a better looking one than he is together with he goes out for her.
Johnny states that Kaley is worth something better, because she is looking for a real deal and she gets into bad relationship. The former Henry Cavill girlfriend is single because according to Henry they broke off their relationship because he does not have enough privacy in his life since the release of Man of Steel where he has the main role. Henry has also stated that the changes in his life are big and that he is going to learn to adopt to them and now he is single again.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Henry Cavill girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

henry cavill girlfriend

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