Harry Styles Girlfriend

So who is Harry Styles girlfriend in the 2013?

Harry Styles is one of the singers on the group One Direction. The group was formed when five boys sang in the contest X Factor and the judges decided to form a group out of them. Even though their group did not win the contest they have signed a contract and now are known as the best-selling boy band. Harry did not go through his childhood in an easy way, because when he was seven his parents divorced and together with his sister he grew up with their mother. Harry has attended Chapel Comprehensive School where he was a part of a band called White Eskimo and he was the lead singer.
Harry is the youngest member of their group and no wonders that he the most desirable one among other members by their fans. Thus he has some interesting events in his private life and relationships. His relationships are the most interesting to the media and he has been followed up by his fans. Harry is known as the one that likes to flirt with women the most from One Direction. In 2011 Caroline Flack was known as Harry Styles girlfriend. She is a television presenter and Harry met her when he was competing in X Factor. Not only that it brought him fame, but he also found Harry Styles girlfriend because of the show. Thus Harry Styles girlfriend was 32 years old and Harry was only 17 when they began to date and this was not liked by his fans and people wondered if the age different is not too big among them. Not to worry now, because their relationship ended and she is no longer Harry Styles girlfriend. They ended their romance in 2012.
Since then there were women called as Harry Styles girlfriend, because he was linked to them, but there were no proves that he is in a serious relationship. Sarah-Louise Colivet was called as Harry Styles girlfriend and she is a photographer. Then there were two models: Emma Ostilly and Cara Delevinge called as Harry Styles girlfriend, but they were only flings and nothing serious. Thus there were singers Rita Ora and Lily Halpern known as Harry Styles girlfriend at some point of their lives. So Harry has tried women from different spheres of business and nothing worked out for him.
The most popular one among all the girls’ names as Harry Styles girlfriend was Taylor Swift, she is also a singer. The couple was together for a couple of months in 2012. They were seen together in different events and she was called as Harry Styles girlfriend. They were photographed together, but their relationship broke off. There are rumors that the former Harry Styles girlfriend used her lyrics as a reference to their relationship and that they are never going to be together. So Harry styles girlfriend does not exist now and One Direction should be happy about it because the singer can concentrate on their tour and their music.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Harry Styles girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

harry styles girlfriend

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