Harold Perrineau Girlfriend

So who is Harold Perrineau girlfriend in the 2013?

No wonder that Brittany Perrineau is known as Kyle Perrineau girlfriend, they share a common surname after all. So does everyone know who Harold is? For those who don’t here is some basic information about him. He is an American actor and he is mostly known from his roles. In television series Lost he played the role of Michael Dawson. And in the movie Matrix his character was Link. Thus there are more roles that he took up but they are not as famous as these two.
The actor was born to Harold Williams and Sylvia Perrineau in Brooklyn in New York. His family decided to change their name into Williams when he was only seven years old. When he discovered that there is an actor named this way already, he decided to change it back to Perrineau and that is the reason that his surname is different from his parents. He had attended Shenandoah University he did not manage to finish it and quit.
Not only that he is an actor but he has also decided to try himself out in music and in 2007 he released his debut single called Stay Strong. After this Harold has been working on his music career and wanted to release his debut album named Seeker. In 2011 his first single was released. He likes music and he loves to perform live on stage with a group where he feels free and makes simple music.
Harold Perrineau girlfriend has given birth to three of their children named Aurora Robinson, who was born in 1994, Wynter Aria born in 2008 and the youngest one born this year on the 21st of March named Holiday Grace. So who is the mother of his three daughters and what did she used to do inn her life? Brittany is an American actress and she used to be a model also. During her modeling days Harold Perrineau girlfriend worked for Tommy Hilfiger and Liz Claiborne. When it comes to Harold Perrineau girlfriend acting career she has been in the same television show lost as Harold. Thus she appeared in one episode in the first season called Outlaws, she was the girlfriend of Sawyer and in Numbers she was the one who read the lottery numbers.
In the romantic comedy Saving Face she appeared as Dara and in the comedy Your Name Here, which is currently in post-production. In 2002 Harold Perrineau girlfriend married him and they made their family official in a simple ceremony that was quiet and dedicated for them and their family and closest friends only. Their family seems to be strong and lasting. All the time that they are photographed together they are with children having their time together. Only when they are attending events only Harold Perrineau girlfriend and Harold stand on the red carpet, because they leave their children at home. Now when Harold is having his career in the television series Wedding Band he might have less time to be with his family but they manage.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Harold Perrineau girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

harold perrineau girlfriend

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