Gerard Butler Girlfriend

So who is Gerard Butler girlfriend in the 2013?

Gerard Butler is an actor mostly known because of his role in comedies. He has met Madalina Ghenea last year so they have been dating for a year only. Thus there are bad rumors spreading about Gerard Butler girlfriend. She is not nearly as famous as he is and there is an existing opinion that she is together with Gerard only to achieve fame and to become known. This spring the news about their brake up spread, but as soon as they did, Gerard Butler girlfriend gave an interview about the way that she loves him and how happy they are together. So either they never broke up or they came back together again. Thus Gerard has a bad reputation when it comes to dating and he is considered to be ladies’ man, who does not know how to keep a normal and long relationship with anyone.
Thus, because of his reputation there are rumors that Gerard Butler girlfriend should take care after her man, because he is cheating on her. On the 26 of July Gerard was reported to be spending time at London’s Le Baron Club with some mystery woman, who is brunet. This happened just after he had holidays together with Gerard Butler girlfriend in Rome. There are also reports, that Madalina, who is a model, has tried to reach him by phone, but she did not get any answer. Lucky for him at this time she was in her home in Italy and she could not go to his place and to see what he is doing. While Gerard Butler girlfriend was worried about him, he was spotted getting in taxi at 5 am in the morning in order to get back to his hotel and who do you think he took with him? The mystery woman, which he met in the club. It seems that he told the driver to circle around and come back to pick her up and she was hiding on the floor, so he must have taken her back to his hotel.
Gerard Butler girlfriend must have listened to his version of this story and forgave him because the coupe is still together. So here are some facts about Gerard Butler girlfriend. She is Romanian and was born in Romania. She is a lingerie model and also tries herself out in acting. Not only is that she beautiful she also has talents. Gerard Butler girlfriend took ballet and piano lessons in her earlier life and she has finished National College. Thus she always wanted to become a model one day. When it comes to her life style she considers herself being a citizen of the whole world, because Gerard Butler girlfriend has to travel a lot. Thus, she knows three languages and can speak them fluently and they are: Romanian, English and Italian. Madalina has dated Leonardo DiCaprio so Gerard is not the first actor in her life. Her relationship with Leonardo lasted for a couple of months only. Despite the existing opinion that she is with Gerard only for the fame people might be wrong because she has achieved fame as a model herself.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Gerard Butler girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

gerard butler girlfriend

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