George Clooney Girlfriend

So who is George Clooney girlfriend in the 2013?

George Clooney does not have to be introducer for anyone, because he has acted in so many movies that people must have seen at least one of them. No wonder that he is a ladies man and that he has had a lot of relationship in his past. Stacy Keibler is one of the former women known as George Clooney girlfriend and she is the recent one that he had dated before his new relationship. In one of the recent interviews the former George Clooney girlfriend has opened up about her emotional state and the way that she is holding on after their brake up.

Stacy, who is 33 years old state that there was nothing dramatic about the end of their relationship and that everything, is all right. She states that she is the type of a person, who lives at present and does not want to consider things that have not yet happened. She also notes that the former George Clooney girlfriend sees everything in a positive way and that she is excited about the entire projects in her life and that she does not have time to do anything besides work that makes her really busy.

The former George Clooney girlfriend has stated that she broke up with him because they wanted different things in life. A source close to the family notes that she has to end their relationship because they were going nowhere. Former George Clooney girlfriend wants to have a family and raise children and she knows what his opinion on this is. They decided to have a talk and ended their relationship in a quiet way. They were a couple for two years before separating and this did not break her and she continues to move on. Thus she has also made statements that people personal life should stay personal and no one should get involved into it.

George was not sad for long and after a couple of months there is someone new in his life and her name id Nicole Pearson and she is the new George Clooney girlfriend. Nicole is LA Based attorney so not only she has the looks but she is also intelligent and they manage to keep a conversation. It appears that they were introduced by a mutual friend and as soon as he saw her, the actor knew that she is going to become George Clooney girlfriend.

Thus there are also statements that George Clooney girlfriend met him while they were considering some kind of a legal matter. It appears that George is happy that they met in non-show-business. Thus it looks like George gave her an exclusive interview in one Italian restaurant, because she is writing an article about show business and he is a perfect person to be interviewing. Thus, another source notes that he has not been in the city for a while and he has not gone to this restaurant for over a year. So there are different rumors and which one are true people have to decide for themselves. There are no proves to base any rumors.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known George Clooney girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

george clooney girlfriend

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