Dwayne Wade Girlfriend

So who is Dwayne Wade girlfriend in the 2013?

Even though Gabrielle Union is Dwayne Wade girlfriend there are some scandals in their life recently. She was so happy not so long ago, when Dwayne proposed for her after his team Miami Heat won their game against San Antonio Spurs. He decided to ask Dwayne Wade girlfriend to marry him in front of their friends in one night club in California. Thus now there are rumors that he has made one girl pregnant and she is not Dwayne Wade girlfriend. Dwayne Wade girlfriend knew all about this, but she was not talking about it, and she wanted to wait until the championship is over.

Thus Union had to deal with a lot of things since their relationship started. There were rumors about Dwayne having group sex with other women and this was not helpful. Also his former wife was spreading rumors in order to break their relationship, but Dwayne Wade girlfriend stayed strong and she managed to deal with everything.

The former Dwayne Wade girlfriend, his wife Siohvaughn has spoken about their divorce and the fact that American system makes her sad, because she wanted to get more money for her children and Dwayne was presented like a sport hero in the court and that was not nice according to her. She has also stated that Dwayne has a publicist and pays him a lot of money so that he could plant his storied and tell them in the way that is more comfortable for Dwayne.

Current Dwayne Wade girlfriend has replied to all of these talks in her twitter page. She states that Siohvaughn has to stop blaming everyone else for the way that her life is and she should consider fixing it instead of making it worse. And here is more information about Dwayne Wade girlfriend.

She is an American actress and she used to be a model. She has acted in such movies as Bring It On along Kirsten Dunst. She has acted next to Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in Bad Boys II and in other movies. She was born in Omaha in Nebraska and had three sisters also. Her mother is a dancer, social worker and also phone company manager and her father is an AT&T manager and also military sergeant. Dwayne Wade girlfriend was raised as Catholic, because her parents were Catholics. When Union was eight years old, her family decided to move to California and she grew up here. She loved to play all kind of sports while Dwayne Wade girlfriend was in high school. Gabrielle was all-star point guard in basketball and year-round athlete. She also played soccer.

In addition Dwayne Wade girlfriend is tough because she has had hard experience in her life. When Union was working at her part-time job in shoe store she was attacked and raped. Latter on her attacker gave himself in and went to jail for 33 years. Since then she has become an advocate for survivors of assault. Also Dwayne Wade girlfriend has been married to Chris Howard in 2001 and they divorced in 2006. And since 2007 she is with Dwayne.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Dwayne Wade girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

dwayne wade girlfriend

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