Dwayne Johnson Girlfriend

So who is Dwayne Johnson girlfriend in the 2013?

Dwayne Johnson girlfriend has existed in his life and he was even married to her. Thus right now the actor is single and available on the market for women to grab him. His full name is Dwayne Douglas Johnson but he is mostly known by his ring name, which is The Rock. He is an actor and a singer and he also been a professional wrestler. Dwayne is considered to be one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time. He was born into a family where his father was a professional wrestler and he has his abilities from him. His grandfather from his mother’s side was also a wrestler so his roots are in wrestling. In his teenage years he has been a football player.

As an actor Dwayne has appeared in music videos at the beginning of his acting career. Then he tried himself as a host of television shows and he has hosted Saturday Night Live. First he appeared in different television series as a wrestler and was successful in it. The first real movie that he has acted in as the main character was The Scorpion King and it gained him a lot of success. Since then his career rocketed and he has also got role in The Fast and the Furious film saga in the fifth part. Dwayne Johnson has interesting friends like Arnold Schwarzenegger. They are close friends and he is an actor and former Governor of California. Further Dwayne supports Miami Heat team and also other teams and sports.

When it comes to his personal life Dwayne Johnson girlfriend was Dany Garcia and they even got married in 1997. It happened after one day passed from his 25th birthday. In 2001 Dwayne Johnson girlfriend gave birth to their daughter named Simone Alexandra. After six years since their marriage Dwayne Johnson girlfriend and Dwayne decided to get divorced and they stated that they are going to e best friends in the rest of their lives.

In one interview Dwayne has opened up about the former Dwayne Johnson girlfriend and being divorced and has a common child together. Even though Dwayne is divorced he states himself that he can still be a perfect gentleman and act with women in nice manner. Even though he has spent ten years in marriage and seventeen years overall together with the former Dwayne Johnson girlfriend he states that he knows how to treat women.

Dwayne notes that in order for a woman to be happy she has to be taken care of and not only physically or sexually. He states that Dwayne Johnson girlfriend should be treated emotionally and spiritually in order to be fully happy. He states that after divorce he has learned to deal with the former Dwayne Johnson girlfriend and to cooperate with her while raising their daughter. He notes that when people get married they are not thinking about their divorce and they are planning to spend their life together, but things did not work out for them and they got divorced.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Dwayne Johnson girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

dwayne johnson girlfriend

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