Derek Jeter Girlfriend

So who is Derek Jeter girlfriend in the 2013?

Derek Jeter is in a relationship with Hannah Davis. He is considered to be one of the best baseball players of all times. He is persistent and there were just a few games that he did not participate in because he was injured. Once he dislocated his left shoulder and the other time was when he injured his calf. Derek is a professional player and this is proved by his description in the media. He does not get into personal scandals and there are not so much rumors about him. Derek is keeping to a strict work ethic and he maintains his personal life in the way that it would not make him known, because he wants to be known for his game. Because of the way that he plays and his style his opponents and also team mates think that he holds in high esteem.
Derek Jeter girlfriend is an American fashion model, who has even modeled for Ralph Lauren fragrance Ralph Rocks. Hannah grew up in Saint Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Derek Jeter girlfriend notes that growing up there was the best, because she was wakened up by waves crushing into the beach and the people there were always polite and nice. Ginny Edwards Maxwell was her family friend and she was the one that discovered Derek Jeter girlfriend as a model. At the age 14 Hannah was signed to IMG Models by Ginny and ever since then Ginny is still her mother agent.
Derek Jeter girlfriend is making her way in modeling career fast and she has appeared on two individual covers for Italian ‘D’ Magazine and also she was on the cover of Mexico Elle in 2009. She has been a model for different brands including Tommy Hilfiger and Levi’s. Derek Jeter girlfriend is interested in clothing and jewelry design and production. Thus she has also other likes. One of her favorite sports is tennis and Derek Jeter girlfriend has played since she was eight years old. She has achieved some titles in this game. She was a champion on the Caribbean National tennis team and she has played on the Caribbean Tennis Circuit. Further, without tennis Derek Jeter girlfriend plays volleyball and this is natural, because there are plenty of sand in the place that she grew up so when she was a child this game was one of her favorite. Hannah was a part of Virgin Islands National Volleyball Team.
Derek Jeter girlfriend was recently spotted wearing a big ring on her finger so rumors got out about them being engaged. Thus a source close to the couple states that this is just one of her favorite rings and that she has worn it in the past. So they are not engaged after all. When Derek was recovering from his injuries she was by his side and their relationship appear to be serious so as soon as Derek ends his career they could become engaged, because she is a perfect Derek Jeter girlfriend whom he loves.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Derek Jeter girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

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