Cristiano Ronaldo Girlfriend

So who is Cristiano Ronaldo girlfriend in the 2013?

Irina Shayak is Cristiano Ronaldo girlfriend but apparently there are people that want to destroy their relationship. Cristiano is a famous footballer so it is natural that he has plenty of fans that want to be with him. Brazilian model known as Miss BumBum is not an exception and she has made a lot of rumors about Ronaldo. She is called this way because she has won “Miss BumBum” catwalk competition.
Andressa Urach that is the name of the model has claimed that Ronaldo has slept with her despite that he has Cristiano Ronaldo girlfriend. Urach states that it happened just before key Champions League semifinal which was lost by his team. She has stated that she always thought that Cristiano is a perfect man and she states that she could not believe when he got in touch with her. So it looks like she claims that he was the one searching for a one night stand.
According to Andressa Ronaldo asked her if she was really a Miss Butt Brazil model and he stated that he was exited to meet her after he was intrigue of her pictures on the internet. Thus the response of Ronaldo was strict and he stated in his twitter that the journal which allowed her to speak all of these things will get what it deserves. He notes that she only wants to separate him with Cristiano Ronaldo girlfriend and that she wants to get money.
Ronaldo has also made his thoughts clear that the fact that this news were released just one day before his game might mean something and that somebody wanted to ruin his personal life and in this way affect his game. Footballer stated that the only thing real from this story is that he was at the hotel making an interview but everything else is made up. All the facts that Miss Butt Brazil has released about him how they had sexual relationships for hours and that he would not stop talking about her butt is all lies according to him.
Thus Cristiano Ronaldo girlfriend did not believe this and they are still together attending different events and being happy. Irina is a Russian model and she is not as vulnerable as she seems to be. Cristiano Ronaldo girlfriend states that she has gotten her looks from her ethnic Tatar father and often people think that she is South American. Due to the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo girlfriend mother was a pianist she has attended music school and learned to play the piano. Her childhood was rough, because when she was 14 her father died and left her mother alone to take care of their family with a little income that she had. Cristiano Ronaldo girlfriend had studied marketing but she did not like it and decided to enter a local beauty school with her older sister. So her modeling career began since then. Cristiano Ronaldo girlfriend met him because of their Armani Exchange campaigns and started dating in 2010.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Cristiano Ronaldo girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

cristiano ronaldo girlfriend

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