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So who is Cory Monteith girlfriend in the 2013?

Cory Monteith was a great actor and he was one of the leading stars of Glee. Thus he has problems in his life and apparently he did not manage to fix them. The most recent Cory Monteith girlfriend was Lea Michele, but before her, he was dating Mallory Matoush. Mallory has made a recent interview after Cory’s passing away. She states that even though Cory has told her all about his past problems and the fact that he was taking drugs and alcohol in his teenage years she never saw him taking anything while they were together. The former Cory Monteith girlfriend notes that he was funny and always made her laugh no matter what. Once when they were on a show and he was interviewed by Jimmy Fallon the couple had dinner after and Mallory notes that he was sitting and talking just as in the studio and this made them both laugh for a long time.
The former Cory Monteith girlfriend notes that he was normal that she did not understand from the beginning that he was famous. After she was leaving his hotel and a bunch of teenage girls asked her if she had seen Cory she got confused as soon as she came back home she used Google in order to find out more about him. Even though they spend only eight months together she notes that he made a lot of effort in order not to use anything.
The one that suffered most after Cory’s passing away was the current Cory Monteith girlfriend Lea Michele. Even after a month has passed from his death she still notes that it is not getting easier and time does not help. Not only that she is Cory Monteith girlfriend, but she was also his co-star in the television series Glee. Cory Monteith girlfriend notes that when she gets up in the morning it is hard because she has to face the fact that he is there no longer with her. Even though she has returned to the set of Glee she still notes that the 13th of July is still in her memory, because this was the date when he died. He used a fatal mixture of alcohol and heroin on this day and was found dead in one hotel room.
A source close to Cory Monteith girlfriend notes that she is struggling and despite the fact that she is strong it still is too difficult to manage. Recently she had to attend Teen Choice Awards and she won the nomination of Choice TV Comedy Actress. Cory Monteith girlfriend dedicated this to Cory. While she was talking on stage tears were in her eyes and she stated that people were lucky to get to know him and see his talent before he passed away. Cory Monteith girlfriend has also stated that he had won a place in their hearts and that he is going to stay there forever. Lea has the support of her family friends and not only her fans but also Cory’s give her all their support.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Cory Monteith girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

cory monteith girlfriend

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