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So who is Chris Brown girlfriend in the 2013?

Chris Brown is a singer known for most of the world, but he is known not only for his career, but also his love life. In the past Chris Brown girlfriend was Rihanna until one day he abused her and used violence against the singer then their relationship broke of and he continued with his life including women. After the wild relationship Chris made Karrueche Tran his girlfriend.
Relationship between Tran and Brown might seem interesting. Chris Brown girlfriend has defended him after Rihanna left him. And she was not the type of girl that wanted to talk about former Chris Brown girlfriend, or at least a source notes this way. Tran really understands, because she does not mind if Chris would be friends with Rihanna, but a source notes that this is not even her decision to make. Chris is not that type of man who listens to what women have to say and usually he does what he wants to do.
Thus, this strategy did not work out for Tran, because Chris Brown left her in order to be with Rihanna again. So maybe she should have thought in a different way. Thus, Rihanna became Chris Brown girlfriend earlier this year again despite all the harm that he has done to her. Apparently this time their relationship did not change and Chris Brown girlfriend decided to end them for good. She states that Chris does not fulfill her expectations and that she is tired of playing his games and wants to settle down.
A source close to the former Chris Brown girlfriend stated that they had to end their relationship because Rihanna was demanding a lot from him and he did not manage to do what he was expected. Chris Brown girlfriend has talked about the way that he needs to treat her and he used to give everything to him and he did not respond in the same way. Of course, due to the fact that Rihanna likes to express everything in her Twitter account the couple has been fighting there so it is easy for their fans to update news about their relationship.
Thus, Chris Brown girlfriend left him in time, because in one radio interview the singer has revealed about his feeling toward her. He notes that he still has abusive feeling and would like to be abusive with her again. He has stated that he imagines Rihanna dying from his arm one day and this is a sick imagination. Apparently Karrueche Tran does not mind him thinking this way and right after he split with Rihanna in May he got back to her again and celebrated his 24th birthday together with her in a club. Thus Brown has clearly stated that despite everything and all his differences from Rihanna he is always going to love her, but people have differences that are to big sometimes and they cannot be together. So looks like Karrueche Tran is his former and new Chris Brown girlfriend and she does not mind anything in his life, because she notes herself that she loves him.

And now you have an idea who is the latest known Chris Brown girlfriend. I hope she will stick around for a while

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